Authors' Guidelines

The Journal of Infrared and Millimeter Waves provides peer-reviewed rapid dissemination of original creative and innovative high-quality researches in the wavelength region from near-infrared, middle and long wavelength infrared, far-infrared, to terahertz and millimeter waves. Infrared and millimeter techniques are related to many different disciplines, such as materials science and devices physics, infrared spectroscopy and spectral analysis, atmospheric physics; astronomy and space science, millimeter wave and terahertz technology, remote sensing technology and application, photoelectric technology and application, image processing and software simulation, quantum optics, quantum electronics and semiconductor physics, etc. In addition, some important applications are involved such as medical diagnostics and treatment, industrial inspection and environmental monitoring.
A fuller though not exhaustive list of topics would include:
• IR, MMW and THz sources, detectors and receivers
• Astronomy, Astrophysics and space science
• Atmospheric and environmental science
• Detectors: quantum and thermal
• IR, MMW and THz spectroscopy, instrument and material properties
• MMW and radar and communications
• Material properties, processing and characterization.
• IR, MMW and THz applications in biology and medicine
• IR, MMW and THz Imaging
• Nondestructive testing and components and measurements in Chemistry and Physics
• Optical elements: lenses, polarizer, filters, mirrors, fibers, etc.
• Radiometry: techniques, calibration, standards and instruments.
• Remote sensing and range-finding
• Solid-state physics
• Thermal imaging: device design, testing and applications
• THz devices, components and instruments
Note: Your paper should not have been previously published or be currently under consideration for publication any place else. And submit your paper through the online system(  All papers are subject to peer review. After your paper has been accepted, you must sign a copyright transfer agreement with JIMW. Papers accepted for publication will be available free online.The journal is an open access journal indexed in SCI, EI, and DOAJ, The fee of article processing charge (APC) is about $300. Manuscripts must be written in English. To expedite the review process, please format the manuscript this way:

(1) Prepare your manuscript as a single PDF or editable Word document. The one file should include the complete text, references, tables and figures. Any revised manuscripts should be sent as a single editable Word document. Tables and equations should be in an editable rather than image version. Tables must be edited with Word. Equations must be edited with Equation Editor.
(2) Make sure all the characters in the text, tables, figure legends, footnotes and references are in a single typeface and point size – such as 12 pt Times New Roman. Once a manuscript has been accepted, a copy editor will decide the typeface and size of the different elements of the article.
(3) Submit all figures or photographs as jpg or tif files with distinct characters and symbols at 500 dpi (dots per inch).
(4) Type your manuscript single spaced. This produces fewer pages, making it easier for reviewers to handle and helps slow down global warming by using less paper.
    Please provide the names of three to five scientists knowledgeable in the area discussed in your manuscript along with their e-mail addresses and the institutions to which they are affiliated.
    All references should be numbered in square brackets in the text and listed in the REFERENCES section in the order they appear in the text, as shown below or just use the Endnote style (Chinese Standard GBT7714 (numeric)):
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