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Design and Realization of THz InAlAs/InGaAs InP-based PHEMTs 待定
Study on the structural and electrical properties of MgxNi1-xMn2O4 thin films 待定
Real-Time γ irradiation effects on long-wavelength InAs/GaSb Type II superlattice infrared detector 待定
Equivalent circuit modeling of non-uniformly distributed nano Ag doped polymer dispersed Liquid Crystal Holographic Grating 待定
A flux calibration method for remote sensing satellites using star flux 待定
Optical signal tunable splitter based on photonic crystal square resonators 待定
Study on As doping and activations in HgCdTe by MBE 待定
Lens design and verification used for terahertz space transmission 待定
LiDAR multichannel spectral abnormal image recognition technology for inspecting aerial power transmission lines 待定
The Optical Properties of Dinitrobenzoic Acid Isomers in the Terahertz and Infrared Regions 待定
Shallow impurity levels in CdZnTe probed by magneto-photoluminescence 待定
Study on output current of double heterojunction uni-travelling-carrier phototransistor 待定
Microwave Modeling and Parameters Extraction of Multi-cell MOSFET Device 待定
Near-field imaging of the LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interfacial conductivity 待定
The Sinus Iridum Surface Brightness Temperature Temporal-Spatial Distributions by LRO Diviner Data 待定
Study on multi-phonon interaction of ZnS material based on two - dimensional correlation analysis 待定
urface Micro-machined rectangular micro-coaxial transmission line and Beam-steering Antenna Array for 60-GHz Radios 待定
86mV/dec Subthreshold Swing of Back-gated MoS2 FET on SiO2 待定
Model of near-space limb contrast based on non-local thermodynamics equilibrium model 待定
Study of transient intervalley scattering and impact ionization in n-doped GaAs and InSb at high THz field 待定

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