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Prediction and experimental verification for satellite- to-ground quantum communication key rate based on machine learning 待定
A Novel Interpolation-Based Subpixel Mapping for Hyperspectral Image 待定
Research on the infrared spectral emissivity measurement of a graphite material in a high temperature range of (1000~1500)℃ using integrated blackbody principle 待定
3 mid-infrared polarization-independent and CMOS-compatible graphene modulator 待定
Antireflection coating for epitaxial blocked impurity band detector 待定
Visible-near infrared light superabsorption of aluminum-based planar metamaterial 待定
Studies on the surface treatment of InAs/GaSb type-II super-lattice long-wave infrared detectors 待定
3D reconstruction method of target based on infrared radiation polarization imaging 待定
Fabrication and characteristics of InAs/GaSb Type-II superlattice infrared detector pixel mesas 待定
Improving measurement accuracy of composite non-point source non-uniformity methane emissions based on laser spectrum detection 待定
Simulation and Cold Test of Integrated Multi-Beam TWT with Multi-Corrugated Waveguide SWS 待定
Detection of building area with complex background by night light remote sensing 待定
Solid-state Power Amplifiers for Space: Going to Extremely High Frequency 待定
Study on the phenomena of lunar observation in cold space reference sampling area of Visible and Infrared Radiometer on FY-3 Meteorological Satellite 待定
High gain and low dark current AlInAsSb avalanche photodiodes grown by quaternary digital alloys 待定
Hyperspectral image classification combing local binary patterns and k-nearest neighbors algorithm 待定
Error analysis of estimated canopy height based on Photon counting laser altimetry 待定
Stress evolution and its effects on detection performance of self-rolled quantum well infrared detector 待定
Tuning the optical response of long-wavelength InAs/GaSb Type-II superlattices infrared focal plane arrays with multi-coatings 待定
High power single and power-combined 100~115GHz Schottky balanced doublers 待定

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