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An Approach to Determine Small-Signal Model Parameters for InP HBT up to 110GHz 待定
Design method of Bernal-Stacked bilayer graphene 1.06 μm resonance-enhanced photodetector 待定
Realization of a Continuous-Zoom Infrared Optical Systemwith High Ratio and Large Relative Aperture 待定
Infrared thermal image ROI extraction algorithm based on fusion of multi-modal feature maps 待定
Impact analysis of spectral resolution on retrieving plant biophysical and biochemical parameters based on continuous wavelet analysis 待定
On Board Adaptation of Temperature of the FY-4 Meteorological Satellite Radiation Imager 待定
Numerical Analysis of High Radiation Intensity Dipole Antenna Arrays with Terahertz Chokes 待定
High output power THz Quantum Cascade Lasers and their temperature dependent performance 待定
Surface Defects of LPE growth of HgCdTe Film induced by Te-rich Precipitates in CdZnTe Substrates 待定
Real-time Mid-Infrared Polarization Imaging System Design for Marine Targets detection 待定
Design of a 166GHz high power source based on power-combined technology 待定
Ultrafast terahertz modulation characteristics of organolead halide perovskite films revealed by time-resolved terahertz spectroscopy 待定
Research on Online Correction Algorithm withNeural Network Multi - environment Factors for CO Detection of Motor Vehicle Exhaust 待定
25-channel 200GHz AWG based on SOI ridge waveguides 待定
Study and modeling of infrared polarization characteristics based on sea scene in long wave band 待定
Enhance absorption based on the resonance of localized surface plasmon modes in a metamaterial absorber 待定
Minimization design of guard ring size of p-well/DNW single photon avalanche diode 待定
Inspection of CdZnTe materials by infrared photo-thermal absorption imaging 待定
Simulation of profile evolution in HgCdTe ion beam etching by the level set method 待定
Design of a photo-excited broadband tunable terahertz absorber 待定

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