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Research on optical controlled terahertz modulator based on monolayer Tungsten Disulfide 待定
Improved performances of 2.6 μm In0.83Ga0.17As/InP photodetectors on digitally-graded metamorphic pseudo-substrates 待定
910-nm high peak power vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser source 待定
The Study on Polarized Spectral Identification of Dry Plants and Bare Soils Based on Histogram of Oriented Gradient 待定
Compact anastigmatic long-slit spectrometer 待定
Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing for Improving the Performance of Terahertz Channel 待定
The Research on the passive detection technology using space-borne synthesis aperture microwave radiometers for the sea surface target 待定
High responsivity Bi2Te3-based room temperature terahertz detector based on metal-semiconductor-metal (MSM) structure 待定
A D-band Communication Transmitter Module with a Novel Self-aligned Microstrip line-to-Waveguide Transition 待定
Influence of supercooling on the thickness uniformity of HgCdTe film grown by LPE 待定
Effects of spot size on photoluminescence lineshape of GaAs1-xBix 待定
Tunable Mid-IR dual frequency laser based on a Single-Resonant Optical Parametric Oscillator 待定
Terahertz spatial intensity measurements based on terahertz frequency comb 待定
CCNet: A high-speed cascaded convolutional neural network for ship detection with multispectral images 待定
Research on terahertz frequency division technique applied to microsatellite platform 待定
Investigation of Large Power Microwave Nonlinear Effects on Amplitude-phase Controller Chip for Ka-band Phased Array Radar T/R modules 待定
Simulation and Cold Test of a 340GHz Filleted Staggered Double Vane Traveling Wave Tube 待定
Enhanced optical transmission based on the electric field enhancement effect in a double-layer metamaterialsMin Zhong<sub>1,2*</sub> 待定
A Research on spatial downscaling of thermal infrared image based on improved three-layer decomposition model 待定
Optimal design of P-side mirror for GaSb based vertical cavity surface emitting laser 待定

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