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Enhanced optical transmission based on the electric field enhancement effect in a double-layer metamaterialsMin Zhong<sub>1,2*</sub> 待定
A Research on spatial downscaling of thermal infrared image based on improved three-layer decomposition model 待定
Inner dynamic mechanism analysis for Tropical cyclone rapid intensification based on FY-2 cloud motion 待定
Cavity-backed On-chip Patch Antenna in 0.13-μm SiGe BiCMOS Technology 待定
Optimal design of P-side mirror for GaSb based vertical cavity surface emitting laser 待定
Quantitative effect of the spectral calibration accuracy of the hyperspectral remote sensor on the Vegetation Red Edge 待定
A new design of tunable high performance multi-channel optical demultiplexer based on MIM plasmonic ring resonators at telecommunication wavelengths 待定
Weak Targets Box Particle Labeled Multi-bernoulli Multi-target Detection and Tracking Algorithm 待定
Study on ICP dry etching of type II InAs/GaSb superlattices infrared focal plane arrays 待定
STI-Bounded Single-Photon Avalanche Diode with High Photocurrent and Low Dark Rate 待定
Gain characteristics of MW HgCdTe avalanche photodiodes 待定
Application of FY-4 atmospheric vertical sounder in weather forecast 待定
0.68 THz and 1.00 THz Tripler Based on Discrete Schottky Diodes and Quartz Glass 待定
HgCdTe APD fabricated by Ion Beam Etch 待定
Transmission characteristics of dielectric-coated metallic waveguides in G band and 4.3THz 待定
Dual atmospheric windows infrared stealth based on frequency selective surface 待定
Influence of complex environment on the detectability of weak and small aerial target under space-based observation mode 待定
Design of 4-Layered Structure with Single Cr-W Alloy Layer to Achieve High and Broadband Photon-to-Heat Conversion Efficiency 待定
Approach of beam power combining at sub-millimeter waves 待定
Infrared imaging modeling and simulation of aerial target based on BRDF 待定

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