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Recent Progress on Natural Biomaterials Boosting High-Performance Perovskite Solar Cells 待定
Design of a novel Y-junction electro-optic modulator based on thin film lithium niobite 待定
The band gap regulation of HgxCd1-xTe quantum dots by ion exchange and their near-infrared self-absorption characteristics 待定
Fast moving target detection algorithm based on LBP texture feature in complex background 待定
Preparation of epi-ready InAs substrate surface for InAs/GaSb superlattice infrared detectors grown by MOCVD 待定
The application of terahertz technology in paintings 待定
Study on the Influence of Hg Vacancy Control of HgCdTe Materials with Different Passivation Layers through Thermal Annealing 待定
Research on summer Arctic cloud detection model based on FY-3D/MERSI-II infrared data 待定
Accuracy Estimation of Microwave Performance for InP HBTs based on Monte-Carlo Analysis 待定
Design, Fabrication and Cold Test of a High Efficiency Folded Groove Waveguide for W-band Sheet Beam TWT 待定
Broadband detector based on graphene-black arsenic heterostructure 2021年第6期 
Terahertz Detection of Thin Defects based on Hilbert Transform and Power Spectrum Estimation 待定
A THz-TDS based Metamaterial Sensor for Sensitive Distinguishment of Food Additives 待定
Millimeter wave emissivity measurement of military coating materials 待定
Interfacial properties between Al2O3 and In0.74Al0.26As epitaxial layer on MIS capacitors 待定
Polarization redundancy estimation scene-based non-uniformity correction algorithm 2021年第6期 
All-dielectric antislot waveguide with subwavelength mode confinement and its high-efficiency coupling with input/output fiber 待定
Design of a diagonally symmetrical photonic crystal fiber for chemical sensing 待定
Photonic crystal flat lens for polarization mode and light source insensitively 待定
Research progress of copper indium gallium selenide thin film solar cells 待定

《Journal of Infrared And Millimeter Waves》