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Laboratory Spectral Measurement of Minerals and Gases Based on Airborne Thermal-infrared Hyperspectral Imaging System 待定
RF power performance improvement of multi-finger power bipolar transistor by non-uniform emitter finger spacing design without the use of emitter ballasting resistor 待定
Three-Dimensional Structure Analysis of Schottky Barrier Diode in CMOS Technology for Terahertz Imaging 待定
The Research on Polarimetric Detection Capability of Ship Targets in the Sea Fog 待定
AUKF-based beam tracking algorithm in Millimeter-Wave mobile communication 待定
High precision On-orbit spectral calibration of atmospheric infrared ultra-spectral sounder 待定
Research on Low Illumination Shortwave Infrared Image Enhancement Algorithm 待定
Research on multi-band tunable terahertz absorber based on metamaterial 待定
Reducing Voc loss in InGaAsP/InGaAs dual-junction solar cells 待定
Polarization-maintaining hollow core negative curvature fiber with an operating wavelength of 2.94μm 待定
Optimization and preparation of the high-efficiency solar selective absorber based on double W-SiO2 cermet layers 待定
Molecular beam epitaxy growth and characteristics of the high quantum efficiency InAs/GaSb type-II superlattices MWIR detector 待定
Research on W-band power combining amplifier based on Silicon Micromachined Waveguide 待定
The method based on L1 norm optimization model for stripe noise removal of remote sensing image 待定
Development and test of 140 GHz / 50 KW Gyrotron 待定
A broadband millimeter-wave sub-harmonic mixer using microstrip passive circuits 待定
Study of in-vivo breast cancer in a subcutaneous xenograft mouse model using terahertz imaging 待定
Synthesis of the heterostructure NaGdF4:Yb,Er nanorods loaded on metal-organic frameworksand its tuning upconversion photoluminescence 待定
Effect of thermal annealing on the interface changes of multi-layer HgCdTe P-on-N materials grown by MBE 待定
Detailed investigations on double confocal waveguide for a gyro-twt 待定

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