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The research of spectral analysis and line strength measurement method of near-infrared overlapped absorption lines 待定
Design and Implementation of High Performance Single-Photon Avalanche Diode in 180-nm CMOS Technology 待定
A method of antenna design and analysis for forward-looking array SAR system 待定
Design and performance analysis of the coarse wavelength-mode-division hybrid multiplexer/de-multiplexer 待定
Evaluation of dermal substitute vascularization process based on microscopic hyperspectral imaging technology 待定
The photoelectric property of graphene modified by boron and nitrogen atoms from density functional theory calculation 待定
Grating-type infrared absorber based on composite grooves 待定
Optically controlled orientation of lithium niobate micro crystal particle 待定
Study on Refractive Index of Ge Film at Low Temperature 待定
The Study of Using Infrared Thermal Image to Assist Surgery of Coronary Artery Bypass 待定
Spectral Variational Mode Decomposition and VMD-CR-ED Model on Measuring Copper and Lead Pollution of Corn 待定
Study on the radiation characteristics of the selected channels for cirrus remote sensing in terahertz waveband and the influence factors for the retrieval method 待定
Thermal erosion effect to CZT substrate surface during LPE growth of MCT process 待定
High-frequency InAlN/GaN HFET with a fT of 350GHz 待定
Shape similarity measure method based on principal curvature enhancement distance transformation 待定
Generalized Multi-Bernoulli Filters for Track-before-detect of Objects from Image Observations 待定
Non-periodic wide-angle beam steering HCG array for application in VCSEL 待定
A compact long-wavelength near-infrared IOT node and its performance experiments 待定
Cathodoluminescence characterization analysis and growth of ZnTe:Cu under Microgravity 待定
Band Selection of Hyperspectral Image Based on Optimal Linear Prediction of Principal Components in Subspace 待定

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