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Geometric Calibration Method of Planar Array Camera with 60 Degree Two-Dimensional Pointing Mirror 待定
Application study of Himawari-8/AHI infrared spectral data on precipitation signal recognition and retrieval 待定
Investigation on a W-band High Efficiency Extended Interaction Oscillator Based on Phase Re-synchronization Technology 待定
Design of polarization-independent two-dimensional binary blazed grating 待定
Calibration and non-uniformity correction of near-infrared polarization detector 待定
Study on ion-implanted Si:As blocked impurity band detectors for VLWIR detection 待定
Infrared optical properties of one-dimensional 4H-SiC gratings and its nano-ruler application 待定
Optimal theoretical study of the pixel structure and spatio-temporal random noise of uncooled IRFPA 待定
Dim Small Targets Detection based on Horizontal-Vertical Multi-scale Grayscale Difference weighted Bilateral Filtering 待定
Saliency region super-resolution reconstruction algorithm for infrared images based on sparse coding 待定
Wood species recognition using hyper-spectral images not sensitive to illumination variation 2020年第1期 
Terahertz Beam Reconfigurable Micro-Strip Quasi-Yagi-Uda Antenna Based on Monolayer Graphene 待定
High Coherence Dual-comb Based on phase locking to ultra-narrow linewidth lasers 待定
Design of high contrast subwavelength gratings with GaAs-based VCSEL materials 待定
Optical characterization of bandedge electronic structure and defect states in Cu2ZnSnS4 待定
Research on skin cancer detection technology based on millimeter wave 待定
Low loss hollow-core anti-resonant fiber in infrared band 待定
An automatic method for impervious surface area extraction by fusing high-resolution night light and Landsat OLI images 待定
Leaf area index estimation with EnMAP hyperspectral data based on deep neural network 待定
Fire Monitoring Based on FY-3D/MERSI-II Far-Infrared Data 待定

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