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Static and dynamic rubbing positions identification of ryocooler based on wavelet packet analysis and support vector machine 待定
A new approach for extrapolating star flux using cross-matching multiple catalogues 待定
HgCdTe avalanche photodiode FPA 待定
Detection of ship targets based on CFAR-DCRF in single infrared remote sensing images 待定
Simulation of transverse field sweeping system for a MW-class gyrotron with single-stage depressed collector 待定
A laser transmitter of differential absorption lidar for atmospheric pressure measurement 待定
Optimization of InAlAsSb SACM APD with a heterojunction multiplication layer 待定
Simulation and fabrication of 1.55 μm AlGaInAs/InP quantum well lasers with low beam divergence 待定
Assimilation of hyper-spectral AIRS brightness temperatures based on generalized variational assimilation and observation error re-estimation 待定
Multi-gain-stage avalanche photodiodes with low excess noise 待定
The effect of Mn doping on the interband transition and band tail absorption characteristics of Mn:(Pb, Sr)TiO3 ferroelectric thin films 待定
Potentials of GaP as millimeter wave IMPATTdiode with reference to Si and GaAs 待定
High efficiency 220GHz frequency doubler based on discrete Schottky diodes 待定
Design and simulation of dual-frequency terahertz antenna for wireless communication by photomixing 待定
A high accuracy multi-beam Lidar system and its verification on several photons 待定
High-energy, ultra-wideband tunable and compact terahertz source based on DAST crystal via difference frequency generation 待定
Research on high sensitivity type-II superlattice long wavelength infrared detection system 待定
The optical property and dynamical property of biological sample determined simultaneously by diffuse correlation spectroscopy 待定
Multimode Time Domain Analysis of Terahertz Second Harmonic Cyclotron Oscillator * 待定
Hierarchical spectrum recognition based on WP-GS image fusion, derivative transformation, object oriented segmentation and multispectral SAM —Take EO-1/Hyperion images of Lanzhou and Yuyang as an example 待定

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