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Design and experiment of CO2 high temperature spectrum parameter measurement system 待定
Noise analysis of a CMOS TDI sensor with on chip signal accumulation in analog domain 待定
Design method for triple conjugate optical system with good stray light control performance 待定
A Low-Complexity Method for Concealed Object Detection in Active Millimeter-Wave Image 待定
High Power Wideband Terahertz Traveling Wave Tube Based on Folded Double Ridge Groove Waveguide 待定
Research on W Band Step-type Staggered Double Vane Slow Wave Structure Traveling Wave Tube 待定
Small target detection in infrared images using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks 待定
Fundamental W-Band InP DHBT-Based Voltage-Controlled Oscillator With Wide Tuning Range and High Output Power 待定
Design and Realization of D-band InP MMIC Amplifier with High-gain and Low-noise 待定
Self-adaptive Cloud Detection in GaoFen-1 Optical Remote Sensing Satellite Data 待定
Porosity Estimation Method in Sandstone Outcrop Based on Hyperspectrum 待定
An optical design for dual-band infrared diffractive telescope 待定
A novel photodetector based on Graphene/InAs quantum dots /GaAs hetero-junction 待定
Study on the electric field modulation effect of ultrathin alumina layer 待定
Low-loss terahertz waveguide and its imaging application 待定
Preparation of nanocrystalline GZO/CdS bilayer films using magnetron sputtering and GZO/CdS/p-Si heterojunction photovalotic device 待定
Design of a TE34,10 mode cylindrical cavity for MW level gyrotron 待定
Flexible Matesurface-based Terahertz Super-Absorber 待定
Theoretical study on the far-infrared perfect absorbers with SU8 based multilayered metamaterial structure 待定
An Approach to Determine Small-Signal Model Parameters for InP HBT up to 110GHz 待定

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