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Design and Realization of THz InAlAs/InGaAs InP-based PHEMTs 待定
Characterization Method of PN Junction Region Expansion in HgCdTe Device 待定
Study on HgCdTe surface effect based on gate-controlled diode device 待定
Mode competition and power characteristics in terahertz second-order distributed feedback quantum cascade lasers 待定
Method to calibrate wavelengths of a new monolithically integrated spectral sensor 待定
Experimental Study of Optically Pumped Metallic waveguide cw Terahertz Gas Laser 待定
The Laboratory calibration of A infrared hyperspectral Imager and 待定
A W-band Digital Variable Polarized Target Characteristic Measurement Radar 待定
Real time 3D imaging system based on sparse MIMO array at 340GHz 待定
Research on the threshold power of 1.2μm infrared laser by in-band pumped Ho3 -doped crystal 待定
An adaptive directional filter for photon counting Lidar point cloud data 待定
Batch Production Technology of 50 mm × 50 mm High Performance HgCdTe LPE Materials 待定
Design of TE01-HE11 Mode Converter with TE11 as Intermediary Mode 待定
Microwave modeling of soil moisture in Oasis regional scale based on Sentinel-1 radar images 待定
Research on Power Divider/Combinerof Waveguide E-T Junction Based on Thin Film Resistor 待定
Influence of various Cu contents on the microstructure of Cu(In,Ga)Se2 thin films 待定
A blind restoration method for blurry images based on noise analysis and sparsity regularization 待定
Study on the method to extract parameters of Arctic sea ice from FY-3/MERSI imagery 待定
A Novel Method of infrared small target detection based on BEMD and LIE 待定
Facile design and rapid fabrication of a nearly-square ridge filter 待定

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