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Research on the MIMO short-range imaging mechanism of millimeter wave for fast and accurate reconstruction 待定
On-orbit non-uniformity correction method for infrared remote sensing systems using controllable internal calibration sources 待定
Design of high power tripler based on on-chip schottky diodes 待定
Dispersion engineered ZnSe rib waveguide for mid-infrared supercontinuum generation 待定
InAs quantum wells grown on GaP/Si substrate with Ga(In,As)P metamorphic buffers 待定
One-dimensional photonic quasi-crystal plano-V lens 待定
Mid-/Short-Wave dual-band infrared detector based on InAs/GaSb superlattice /GaSb bulk materials 待定
664 GHz Sub Harmonic Mixer Based on “T” Anode GaAs SBD Membrane Circuit 待定
Attitude direction estimation of space target parabolic antenna loads using sequential terahertz ISAR images 待定
Theory modification and design of elliptical quasi-optical mode converter for Ka-band quasi-TE01 mode 待定
Observation and data processing of offshore wind field based on UAV-borne Doppler lidar 待定
Development of 512 × 2-element InGaAs spectral sensor IOT node 待定
GHz InGaAs/InP single-photon detector with tunable repetition frequencies 待定
Research on plasmon-induced transparency in π-cascade structure of phosphorene 待定
Evaluation on vertical space characteristics of atmospheric water vapor and ozone for FY-4A GIIRS data sounding 待定
Design of high refractive index contrast subwavelength grating reflector for 940nmVCSEL 待定
Infrared and visible image fusion based on edge-preserving and attention generative adversarial network 待定
Numerical Simulation of High-operating-temperature MWIR HgCdTe APD Detectors 待定
Progress in carbon nanotube films based photodetectors 待定
Retrieval of cloud microphysics parameters from spaceborne 94/220GHz dual-frequency cloud radar based on non-spherical ice particles 待定

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