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The influence of annealing temperature on the structure and optical properties of silicon films deposited by electron beam evaporation 待定
The study on optical properties of NiMnO4 and Mn1.56Co0.96Ni0.48O4 in broad band from Ultraviolet to far-Infrared 待定
Studies on InAs/GaAsSb Mid-wavelength interband cascade infrared focal plane arrays 待定
Effects of InGaAs/InP interface control on electrical and optical properties of InGaAs films 待定
Numerical Study Of A Tungsten Twin-Cross-Grating-BasedSolar Selective Absorber 待定
Post-launch calibration and validation of the Geostationary Interferometric Infrared Sounder (GIIRS) on FY-4A 待定
Research on infrared super-resolution based on criterion of subjectivity and objectivity joint evaluation 待定
Research Progress on Semiconductor Nanowires for Broadband and High Efficiency Solar Energy Conversion 待定
Enhancement of excited-state emission of InAs/GaAs quantum dots with large-period photonic crystal 待定
Infrared small target detection based onweighted scene prior 待定
Rotation-invariant Infrared Aerial Target Identification Based on SRC 待定
Beam-wave Interaction Analysis of a Megawatt Coaxial Cavity Gyrotron for Controlled Thermonuclear Fusion 待定
The influence of sulfide passivation on pptical properties of InAs nanowires 待定
Performance characterization and matching design method of space-based optical detection for weak aerial target 待定
Nonlocality-induced polarization beam splitting via metal-dielectric composites 待定
The effect of self-heating on mid-IR interband cascade lasers grown on InAs substrates 待定
Calibration and measurement of internal stray radiation in thermal infrared spectrometer system 待定
Wet etching for InAs-based InAs/Ga(As)Sb superlattice long wavelength infrared detectors 待定
A novel M-Z modulator based on photonic crystal and nanowire waveguide 待定
Localized surface plasmon resonance based tunable dual-band absorber within 1-10 μm 待定

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