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Graphene/GaAs heterostructure based Millimeter/Terahertz wave photodetector 待定
Angle Selection Research based on Multi-Objectives Optimized Detection of Clouds 待定
A near infrared wavelength selection method based on the variable stability and population analysis 待定
Millimeter wave security imaging based on single-channel MIMO radar 待定
Compact on-chip structure illumination system based on integrated optics 待定
A readout structure with double column buses and shared source follower for IRFPAs 待定
Investigation of Low-Voltage Broadband Overmoded Folded Rectangular Coaxial Waveguide TWT at W-Band 待定
Terahertz Surface Plasmon Polaritons and Their Applications 待定
Modulation of the optical properties of GaN(0001) surface by metal atom adsorption 待定
A 94GHz CMOS LNA Utilizing Dual-coupling Gm-boosting Technique 待定
Intelligent fusion method of infrared polarization image based on fireworks algorithm 待定
Inversion of Aerosol Optical Depth Over Land from Directional Polarimetric Camera Onboard Chinese Gaofen-5 Satellite 待定
Grating-lobes suppression methods based on coherence factor for terahertz sparse array 待定
Design and Simulation of a EMI Filter for Infrared Cryocooler Driving System 待定
Nonlinearity measurements of spectral responsivity of Fourier Transform infrared spectrometer measurement system based on flux superposition principle 待定
Semi-supervised Semantic Segmentation Based on Generative Adversarial Networks for Remote Sensing Images 待定
Cathodoluminescence(CL) Analysis of ZnSe Crystal from 350 nm to 850nm at room temperature 待定
The Design and Experiments of 94 GHz Gyrotron for the Non-lethal Biological Effects of Millimeter Wave Radiation 待定
Research on Airport Low-level Wind Shear Identification Algorithm Based on Laser Wind Radar 待定
An Improved Direct Extraction Method for InP HBT Small-signal Model 待定

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