Welcome to our new Editorial Board Members Dr. He Zhiping
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He Zhiping, Male, born in 1977. Ph. D. and researcher, Ph. D. supervisor, director of the Second Research Laboratory of Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and director of Shanghai spectral information perception Engineering Research Center. He received the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars in 2021, the Shanghai Outstanding Academic Leaders in 2020, and the Shanghai Academic/Technology Research Leader in 2019.

He has long been engaged in the research of space optics and optoelectronic technology, and He devotes himself to the research of key technologies involved in space spectral technology and active-passive composite optical systems. Relevant achievements have been successfully applied to missions in the fields of lunar exploration, deep space exploration, manned spaceflight, space science, earth mapping and so on. In recent years, more than 60 papers indexed by SCI have been published and more than 40 invention patents have been authorized; won the second prize of national technological invention, the first prize of Shanghai technological invention, the outstanding scientific and technological achievement award of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.


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