Welcome to our new Editorial Board Members Dr. Ye Zhenhua
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Ye Zhenhua, (male, born in 1978), doctoral supervisor, and a second-level researcher of Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics (SITP), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), winner of high technology class-A fund of Chinese Academy of Sciences. In 2005, He graduated from Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and then worked in the infrared imaging materials and devices laboratory. He is mainly engaged in the design, preparation and application of infrared photoelectric detection devices. He presided over the State important projects, and successfully applied the large-format-array infrared photodetector to major aerospace projects, and won the outstanding scientific and technological achievement award of Chinese Academy of Sciences and the first prize of Shanghai Science and technology progress award. He has formulated one Chinese industry standard, participated in the compilation of one Chinese and one English monograph, achieved authorized 18 invention patents as the first inventor, published more than 50 SCI papers as the first and corresponding authors, and published a review in Infrared Physics and technology.

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Editor in chief:Jun-Hao CHU

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