Partial differential equation-based object extraction from remote sensing imagery
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李仲玢 香港理工大学 土地测量与地理资讯学系 
史文中 香港理工大学 
Abstract:Object extraction is an essential task in remote sensing and geographical sciences. Previous studies mainly focused on the accuracy of object extraction method while little attention has been paid to improving their computational efficiency. For this reason, a partial differential equation (PDE)-based framework for semi-automated extraction of multiple types of objects from remote sensing imagery was proposed. The mathematical relationships among the traditional PDE-based methods, i.e., level set method (LSM), nonlinear diffusion (NLD), and active contour (AC) were explored. It was found that both edge- and region-based PDEs are equally important for object extraction and they are generalized into a unified framework based on the derived relationships. For computational efficiency, the widely used curvature-based regularizing term is replaced by a scale space filtering. The effectiveness and efficiency of the proposed methods were corroborated by a range of promising experiments.
keywords:Active contour, building extraction, level set method, object extraction, partial differential equation, nonlinear diffusion, road extraction
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