Background millimeter radiation influence in cardiology on patients with metabolic and pre-metabolic syndrome
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Simone Caramel SISBQ 
Stagnaro Sergio SISBQ  
Pyatakovich Felix A. Belgorod State National Exploratory University, Belgorod.  
Yakunchenko T.I. Belgorod State National Exploratory University, Belgorod.  
Makkonen K.F. Belgorod State National Exploratory University, Belgorod.  
Moryleva O.N. Central hospital FTS. Moscow.  
Abstract:The effects of background millimeter radiations (BMR) in patients with coronary artery disease (CAD), hypertension and in subjects with Inherited real risk of CAD, were investigated through invariant statistic measures, typical of nonlinear dynamics analysis of biological systems. The experimental evidences show that BMR ameliorate the nonlinear complexity in biosystems, recognized sign of physiological behavior, by increasing both the rate of unpredictability of heart rate variability (HRV) in patients with metabolic syndrome and the fractal dimension of coronary microvessel oscillations in subjects with pre-metabolic syndrome, healing their genetic alteration and CAD Inherited real risk.
keywords:millimeter waves  Gunn diode  cardiology  hypertension  primary prevention  microcircle  coronary artery disease  CAD  EHF  background millimeter radiations  DNA  HRV  memory of water  cancer prevention  SBQ  deterministic chaos  mitochondria
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