Examination of the Durability of Interband Cascade Lasers Against Structural Variations
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LIN Yu-Zhe Institute of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Sciences yuzhe.lin@ou.edu 
Jeremy A. Massengale University of Oklahoma  
HUANG Wen-Xiang University of Oklahoma  
YANG Rui-Qing University of Oklahoma Rui.q.Yang@ou.edu 
Tetsuya D. Mishima University of Oklahoma  
Michael B. Santos University of Oklahoma  
Abstract:By studying two interband cascade laser (ICL) wafers with structural parameters that deviated considerably from the design, the durability of the device performance against structural variations was explored. Even with the lasing wavelength blue shifted by more than 700 nm from the designed value near 4.6 μm at 300 K, the ICLs still performed very well with a threshold current density as low as 320 A/cm2 at 300 K, providing solid experimental evidence of the tolerance of ICL performance on structural variations.
keywords:III-V  semiconductors, interband  cascade lasers, mid-infrared, quantum  wells, type-II  heterostructures
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