Realization of a multiband metamaterial waveguide based on dirac semimetal in the 800~1100nm range
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ZHONG Min Hezhou University, Hezhou 542899, China 
SHI Xian-Chun School of Mechanical Engineering, Anhui University of Science and Technology,Huainan 232001, China  
Abstract:In this paper, a metamaterial waveguide with four square hole resonators based on Dirac semimetal layers is proposed in the 800~1100nm range. Four transmission peaks (70%, 61%, 72%, and 63%) are achieved at resonance wavelengths 842nm, 921nm, 1010nm, and 1061nm, respectively. These transmission peaks are originated from the interference effect of magnetic fields distributed in the main cavity and cavities 1, 2, 3, or 4. These transmission peaks can be enhanced and moved to shorter wavelengths through increasing the Fermi energy. The proposed metamaterial waveguide can be applied in nanoscale filter, switch, or refractive index sensor.
keywords:Metamaterials  Transmission  waveguide
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