A low power 245 GHz subharmonic receiver
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MAO Yan-Fei Engineering College, Zhejiang Normal University, Jinhua 321000, China
State Key Laboratory of Millimeter Waves, Southeast University, Nanjing 211189, China 
E Shi-Ju Engineering College, Zhejiang Normal University, Jinhua 321000, China 
SCHMALZ Klaus IHP, Microelectronics, Frankfurt Oder, 15236, Germany 
Christoph SCHEYTTJ. Heinz Nixdorf Institute , Paderborn University, 33102, Germany 
Abstract:A low power 245 GHz subharmonic receiver for gas spectroscopy sensor application has been proposed. The receiver is characterized by low power, high linearity and high integration level. The receiver consists of a four stage common base (CB) LNA, a 2nd passive APDP (anti-parallel diode pair) SHM (subharmonic mixer), a 120 GHz push-push VCO with 1/64 divider, a 120 GHz PA (power amplifier) and an IF (intermediate frequency) amplifier. The receiver is fabricated in a SiGe:C BiCMOS technology with fT/fmax=300/500 GHz. The measured conversion gain is 10.6 dB at 245 GHz with 3-dB bandwidths of 13 GHz , noise figure is 20 dB, and simulated input referred 1 dB compression point is -9 dBm. The receiver dissipates a power of 99.6 mW without 120 GHz VCO-PA chain, and a power of 312 mW with the 120 GHz VCO-PA chain.
keywords:245 GHz  subharmonic receiver  SiGe BiCMOS technology  low power  common base LNA  2nd passive APDP SHM  intermediate frequency (IF) amplifier
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