Terahertz wide stop-band metamaterials filter based on metal-dielectric-metal structure
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WANG Jun-Lin College of Electronic Information Engineering, Inner Mongolia University, Hohhot 010021,China mems_wjl@163.com 
WANG Xin  mems_wang@163.com 
HAN Ding   
Abstract:In order to realize terahertz (THz) metamaterials (MMs) filters with multi-band or wide-band characteristics, the same or different resonance structures are usually combined in the same plane or stacked in multiple layers. THz wide stop-band MMs filter based on Metal-Dielectric-Metal (MDM) structure is presented by placing C-shaped resonance elements of the same size at both ends of the middle dielectric layer, which has the broader stop-band and the better frequency selection. Based on the analysis of the electric field and surface current distributions on the C-shaped resonance elements of the wide stop-band MMs filter, the transmission mechanism of THz wave is discussed in depth, and the filtering mechanism of the filter is revealed. The filtering characteristics of the MMs filter based on MDM structure and Metal-Dielectric (MD) structure are simulated respectively, and the formation mechanism of wide stop-band is revealed. Finally, the MMs filter samples are prepared based on PDMS thin films preparation process and magnetron sputtering, and their filtering characteristics are tested by transmission-type Terahertz Time Domain Spectroscopy (THz-TDS) TDS 1008. The correctness of design, simulation and preparation of wide stop-band MMs filter is verified, which provides reference for the design, fabrication and characteristic research of wide band filters in the future.
keywords:metamaterials  terahertz  filters  resonance  transmission
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