Influence of supercooling on the thickness uniformity of HgCdTe film grown by LPE
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LU Jun Kunming Institute of Physics 
LI Dong-Sheng Kunming Institute of Physics 
WU Jun Kunming Institute of Physics  
WANG Zhi-Yuan Kunming Institute of Physics  
SONG Lin-Wei Kunming Institute of Physics  
LI Pei Kunming Institute of Physics  
ZHANG Yang Kunming Institute of Physics  
KONG Jin-Cheng Kunming Institute of Physics  
Abstract:In this paper, a method to accurately measure supercooling of HgCdTe film grown by LPE has been proposed. Influence of supercooling on the thickness uniformity of HgCdTe film has been studied by combining with optical Microscope, Fourier transform infrared (FTIR), step profiler and White-light Interferometer (WLI). Result shown that, thickness in the center of a 20 mm × 25 mm film decreased when supercooling is less than 2 ℃, while it is increased significantly when supercooling is more than 3 ℃, attached with cross-hatch pattern on micrograph. Thickness variation of a 20mm × 25mm film could be less than 0.5 μm, and surface roughness is comparable with CZT substrate when supercooling is around 2.5 ℃.
keywords:cadmium mercury tellurium,supercooling,thickness uniformity,LPE
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