A D-band communication transmitter module with a novel self-aligned microstrip line-to-waveguide transition
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YANG Song-Yuan Beijing Institute of Technology romeoysy@foxmail.com 
YU Wei-Hua Beijing Institute of Technology ywhbit@bit.edu.cn 
AN Si-Ning Chalmers University of Technology  
Ahmed Hassona Chalmers University of Technology  
Herbert Zirath Chalmers University of Technology  
LYU Xin Beijing Institute of Technology  
Zhongxia Simon He Chalmers University of Technology  
Abstract:A D-band (110-170 GHz) transmitter module, based on a novel self-aligned microstrip-to-waveguide transition, is demonstrated. The simulated average insertion loss of the transition is about 0.6 dB and return loss is better than 10 dB during working band. A D-band transmitter module is developed using such transition with resistive mixer and multiplier chips. The transmitter module operates between 110-153 GHz and provides a peak saturated output power of -4.6 dBm at 150 GHz and with 13.5 GHz 3-dB bandwidth from 145.8 to 159.3 GHz. 3 Gb/s wireless communication with this module at 145 GHz is demonstrated with spectrum efficient 64-QAM modulation.
keywords:D-band, waveguide transition, transmitter module, low-cost packaging
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