The study on polarized spectral identification of dry plants and bare soils based on histogram of oriented gradient
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YANG Wei College of Computer Science and Technology,Changchun Normal University 
HOU Kun School of Information Science and Technology,Northeast Normal University 
ZHAO Yun-Sheng School of Geographical Sciences,Northeast Normal University 
Abstract:Starting from the key problems of spectral image recognition, the improved Histogram of Oriented Gradient (Spectral Histogram of Oriented Gradient) and "Spectral total reflectance" were applied to the polarized spectral recognition study, and five dry plants and three bare soils could be recognized. In the study, the hierarchical clustering analysis was carried out by combining the length of Spectral Histogram of Oriented Gradient and Spectral total reflectance, and six study objects could be identified. Then, the length of Spectral Histogram of Oriented Gradient was used to identify the remaining two study objects by the hierarchical clustering analysis alone. As a result, the polarized spectrum of all the study objects could be recognized.
keywords:Hyperspectral, Multi-angle, polarization, Spectral  Histogram of  Oriented Gradient, Spectral  energy
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