Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing for improving the performance of terahertz channel
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Bharathi Mayilswamy Kumaraguru College of Technology bharathi.m.ece@kct.ac.in 
Amsaveni Avinashiappan Kumaraguru College of Technology  
S.Sasikala Kumaraguru College of Technology  
Abstract:Terahertz (THz) communication is considered to be one of the demanding technology for the upcoming 5G standards. The incredible demand for high rate through wireless channel necessitates the use of THz frequency for communication. The development of communication systems in this frequency band possess technical challenges as the characteristic of THz band is very much different from the present wireless channel. However, the advancements in the development of transceiver and antenna systems are rapidly bringing the THz communication into reality. The high path loss in THz band limits the communication range of this channel. Even, for a distance of few meters (>5m), the absorption coefficient is very high and hence the performance of the system is poor. Performance over this frequency channel can be enhanced by considering transmission windows over this band instead of the entire band. The transmission windows are the frequencies over which the absorption is relatively low. Though there is an improvement in the performance with this adaptive modulation scheme, but not sufficient for longer distance. Apart from path loss, the frequency selective nature of this high bandwidth channel is also a major reason for the poor performance of THz channel. Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) is a promising solution to mitigate the effects of frequency selective nature of the wireless channel. OFDM has been exploited in this paper to improve the performance of terahertz channel. The results show that the Bit Error Rate (BER) of the terahertz channel is considerably improved with OFDM.
keywords:Terahertz  communication, Channel  modeling, LOS, NLOS, Performance, BER, OFDM.
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