Enhanced optical transmission based on the electric field enhancement effect in a compact metal-dielectric double-layered films
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ZHONG Min Hezhou University zhongmin2012hy@163.com 
Abstract:Transmission enhancement is simulated verification based on a non-hollowing double layer of metamaterial filter. The proposed structure contains a continuous metallic film covering on a continuous dielectric layer. The transmission of the proposed double layer structure can be enhanced obviously comparing the single metal layer structure. The effects of the dielectric layer thickness and the incident angle on the transmission enhancement are simulated verification. It is found that the maximized transmittance enhancement is achieved when the thickness h1 is 20nm. Moreover, the proposed double layer metamaterial filter shows a stability of transmittance enhancement when the incident angle reaches to 45°. The proposed double layer metamaterial filter can be applied in many potential fields due to its non-hollowing design strategy.
keywords:metamaterials, transmission, absorption
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