Design and Realization of D-band InP MMIC Amplifier with High-gain and Low-noise
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liujun Beijing Institute of Technology 
lv xin Beijing Institute of Technology  
Yu weihua Beijing Institute of Technology 
Abstract:In this paper, two D-band (110~170 GHz) monolithic millimeter-wave integrated circuit (MMIC) amplifiers have been designed and realized using 90-nm InAlAs/InGaAs/InP high gain electron mobility transistors (HEMT) technology. The amplifiers are developed in common source and microstrip technology. The three-stage MMIC amplifier A is designed based on device A and measured on wafer with a small-signal peak gain of 11.2 dB at 140 GHz and 3 dB bandwidth is 16 GHz with a chip size of 2.6×1.2 mm2. The two-stage MMIC amplifier B is designed based on device B and measured on wafer with a small-signal peak gain of 15.8 dB at 139 GHz and 3dB bandwidth is 12 GHz and the gain higher than 10 dB from 130 GHz to 150 GHz with a chip size of 1.7×0.8 mm2, the amplifier also shows an excellent noise character with noise figure of 4.4 dB with the associated gain of 15 dB is acquired at 141 GHz and the average noise figure is about 5.2 dB over the bandwidth. The amplifier B exhibits a higher gain-per-stage, competitive gain-area ratio and lower noise figure. The successful realization of MMIC amplifiers is of great potential for receiver-front-end applications at D-band.
keywords:InAlAs/InGaAs/InP, PHEMTs, 90-nm, MMIC, amplifiers, D-band
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