Low-loss terahertz waveguide and its imaging application
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LI Shuai Nankai University,Institute of Modern Optics 755925190@qq.com 
DAI Zi-Jie Nankai University,Institute of Modern Optics  
GAO Xiang Tianjin Transportation Engineering Quality and Safety Supervision Station,Tianjin  
ZHAN Tao Nankai University,Institute of Modern Optics  
ZHAO De-Long Nankai University,Institute of Modern Optics  
GONG Cheng Nankai University,Institute of Modern Optics gongcheng@nankai.edu.cn 
LIU Wei-Wei Nankai University,Institute of Modern Optics  
Abstract:High-performance terahertz functional devices have great significance in the generation, transmission and detection of terahertz waves. This paper reports a Kagome-type low-loss terahertz waveguide and its imaging applications. Firstly, anti-resonant waveguide theory was used to design a Kagome terahertz waveguide with low loss transmission at 0.1 THz, which has a theoretical loss as low as 0.012 cm-1. Secondly, the waveguide was fabricated by 3D printing technology. The experimental loss is 0.0153 cm-1, and the beam divergence angle at the end of the waveguide is about 6±0.5 degree. Finally, a reconfigurable terahertz imaging system was set up based on the waveguide, which realizes reflection and transmission imaging for a hidden blade and ore respectively. This technology has great application prospects in the underground long-distance exploration.
keywords:Terahertz waveguide  terahertz imaging  transmission imaging  reflection imaging
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