The optical properties and dynamical property of biological sample determined simultaneously by diffuse correlation spectroscopy
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Lv Heng-Xing Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Physics and Biomedicine 
WANG De-Tian Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Physics and BiomedicineInstitute of Fluid Physics China Academy of Engineering Physics 
Gao Peng Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Physics and Biomedicine 
Li Sheng-Fu Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Physics and Biomedicine 
Zhu Li-Guo Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Physics and Biomedicine 
Peng Qi-Xian Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Physics and Biomedicine 
Li Ze-Ren Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Physics and Biomedicine 
Zhao Jian-Heng Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Physics and Biomedicine 
Abstract:Near-infrared spectroscopy is a promising method to monitor the characteristics of biological samples noninvasively in biomedical field, food safety field, agricultural field, etc. But most study focus on the measurement of optical properties of biological samples in these fields. Utilizing the latest developed diffuse correlation spectroscopy device and 30% intralipid as the phantom of biological sample, we demonstrated how to obtain both the optical property and dynamical property of 30% intralipid. The absorption coefficient and reduced scattering coefficient of 30% intralipid are 0.037cm-1 and 303 cm-1 respectively. The Brownian diffusion coefficient of the diluted 30%intralipid (0.85%, volume/volume) is 8.40×10-9cm2/s and the radius of intralipid particle is about 253nm deduced by Stokes-Einstein relation. The stability of the diluted 30% intralipid is also studied. The scattering coefficient increases by 106% and the Brownian diffusion coefficient decreases by 63% for seven days. This study suggest that diffuse correlation spectroscopy can not only measure the optical properties but also measure the dynamical property of biological sample, which may be a powerful tool in biomedical field, food safety field , agricultural field, etc.
keywords:Near infrared spectroscopy, Diffuse correlation correlation spectroscopy, Brownian diffusion coefficient, Absorption coefficient, Reduced scattering coefficient
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