D-carrier profiling in narrow quantum wells by a Schottky's current transport model based on scanning spreading resistance microscopy
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HUANG Wen-Chao National Laboratory for Vaccum Technology and PhysicsLanzhou Institute of Physics huangwcnk@163.com 
WANG Xiao-Fang Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences wxiaof66@mail.sitp.ac.cn 
CHEN Xiao-Shuang Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences  
XUE Yu-Xiong Lanzhou Institute of Physics, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation cheng20050322@163.com 
YANG Sheng-Sheng Lanzhou Institute of Physics  
Abstract:Current studies on the relationship between carrier concentration in nano-scale semiconductor structure and its local conductance is mainly on parameters fitting.For above connection, existing models rely on artificial fitting parameters such as ideal factor.For above reason, derivation of carrier concentration though measured local conductance can not be done.In this work, we present a scheme to obtain the carrier concentration in narrowquantum wells (QWs) .Cross-sectional scanning spreading resistance microscopy (SSRM) provides unparalleled spatial resolution (< 10 nm, Capable of characterizing single QW layer) in electrical characterization.High-resolution local conductance has been measured by SSRMon molecular beam epitaxy-grown GaAs/AlGaAs QWs cleaved surface (110) .Based on our experimental set-up, a model which describes conductance by the only argument, i.e.carrier concentration has been built.Using the model, our implementation derived carrier concentration from SSRMmeasured local conductance in GaAs/AlGaAs QWs (doping level:1016/cm3-1018/cm3) .Relative errors of the results are within 30%.
keywords:Carrier concentration  Quantum wells  scanning spreading resistance microscopy  Schottky
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