Hybrid dual wedge plasmonic waveguide with long-range propagation and subwavelength mode confinement
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YUE Wen-Cheng Department of Optics and Optical Engineering, Uniersity of Science and Technology of China wchengy@mail.ustc.edu.cn 
YAO Pei-Jun Uniersity of Science and Technology of China yap@ustc.edu.cn 
CHEN Xiao-Lin Uniersity of Science and Technology of China  
TAO Run-Xia Uniersity of Science and Technology of China  
Abstract:A hybrid dual wedge plasmonic (HDWP) waveguide consisting of two dielectric wedges and a diamond metal wire was proposed.The coupling between dielectric wedge waveguide mode and long-rang surface plasmon polariton mode results in both lowpropagation loss and ultra-deep-subwavelength confinement.The HDWP waveguide achieves a normalized mode area of 2.9 × 10-3with a moderate propagation length of 532 μm or a propagation length of 3028 μm with a normalized mode area of 6.2 × 10-3.The impacts of possible fabrication imperfections on the mode properties are studied.The results indicate that the HDWP waveguide is quite tolerant to fabrication errors.
keywords:Waveguide, surface plasmon polariton, photonic integrated circuits
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