Surface defects of Liquid Phase Epitaxial growth of HgCdTe film induced by Te-rich precipitates in CdZnTe substrates
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ZHANG Yang Kunming Institute of Physics 
WU Jun Kunming Institute of Physics  
MU Sheng Kunming Institute of Physics  
ZUO Da-Fan Kunming Institute of Physics  
LI Dong-Sheng Kunming Institute of Physics 
Abstract:Correlation between surface defects on Liquid Phase Epitaxial (LPE) growth of HgCdTe films and Te-rich precipitates in CdZnTe substrates were studied.Results shown that three kinds of surface defects of LPE growth of HgCdTe film are as follows:surface crater defects, pinhole-like defects and concave pits, which related to the Te-rich precipitates in CdZnTe substrates.Substrate remelting process during LPE growth of HgCdTe film can reduced these defects.There was the negative correlation between the depth of the remelting layer and the matching of the surface defects and the Te-rich precipitates.The remelting of substrate surface layers during the LPE process affect the number and morphologies of HgCdTe surface defects, as well as the depth and the morphologies of the Te-rich precipitates.
keywords:Te-rich precipitates LPE HgCdTe CdZnTe surface defects
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