Multi-wavelength picosecond laser in visible and near-infrared bands
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KANG Wen-Yun Beijing Institute of Tracking and Telecommunications Technology 
SONG Xiao-Quan Beijing Institute of Tracking and Telecommunications Technology  
FAN Dong-Qi Beijing Institute of Tracking and Telecommunications Technology  
Abstract:To solve the problems of narrow coverage spectrum and difficulty of generation of near-infrared band laser, an experiment al system is developed for multi-w avelength picosecond laser based on stimulated Raman scattering effects. Generation of visible and near-infrared band multi-w avelength picosecond laser is facilitated w ith methods such as focusing laser beam pump and laser pump energy optimizing and coupling, using 1 k Hz repetition frequency and 532 nm w avelength picosecond laser source pump KGd ( WO4) 2 crystal. The seventh order stokes and sixth order anti-stokes lasers generated cover the spectrum of 415 ~ 800 nm w ith an output Raman laser pow er of 1. 76 W. Results of the study can be used in the research and development of new picosecond laser sources.
keywords:stimulated Raman scattering, picosecond laser, multi-wavelength laser, visible and near-infrared band
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