Growth optimization of GaAs-based InAs/AlSb 2DEG structure
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CUI Xiao-Ran School of Microelectronics,Xidian University,Xi’an 
LYU Hong-Liang School of Microelectronics,Xidian University,Xi’an  
LI Jin-Lun Department of Missile Engineering, Shijiazhuang Campus, Army Engineering University, Shijiazhuang  
SU Xiang-Bin Institute of Photonics and Photon-Technology, Northwest University, Xi’an  
XU Ying-Qiang State Key Laboratory for Superlattices,Institute of Semiconductors,Chinese Academy of Sciences 
NIU Zhi-Chuan State Key Laboratory for Superlattices,Institute of Semiconductors,Chinese Academy of Sciences  
Abstract:In As/Al Sb tw o-dimensional electron gas ( 2 DEG) structures w ere successfully grow n by M BE equipment. 2 DEG characteristics of samples w ere improved by optimizing the the thickness of Al Ga Sb buffer layer, the thickness of In As/Al Sb interface layer, and the thickness of Al Sb spacer. The In As/Al Sb 2 DEG structure sample w ith an electron mobility of 20 500 cm2/V·s and a sheet electron density of 2. 0 × 1012/cm2 w ere achieved w hen the thickness of Al Sb spacer is fixed at 5 nm. It provides a reference for the research and fabrication of In As/Al Sb HEMT.
keywords:2DEG, mobility, high electron mobility transistor(HEMT), molecular bean epitaxy(MBE)
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