On-orbit test to FY-4A AGRI and generating RBG image
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CHEN Bo-Yang National Satellite Meteorological Center chenby@cma.gov.cn 
WU Qiong National Satellite Meteorological Center  
FENG Xuan National Satellite Meteorological Center  
GUO Qiang National Satellite Meteorological Center  
WEI Cai-Ying National Satellite Meteorological Center 278998861@qq.com 
Abstract:After launching Feng Yun-4 ( FY-4) , the on-orbit test to the satellite is done, the M TF of the solar reflectance bands is better than 0. 14, 0. 17 and 0. 22, that is better than the designed capability.The noise test is based on the black-body on the apparatus, the noise for all the infrared bands is less than 0. 2 K @ 300 K, the noise of the best band is about 0. 06 K @ 300 K. The calibration precession of infrared band is validated by the GSICS algorithm, the bias of all the infrared bands are less than 1 K comparing to IASI, the bias of the best band is about 0. 3 K @ 290 K. The RGB image carries more information than the gray image, although the AGRI has 6 solar reflectance bands, there are no real red, green and blue bands of human beings, a new algorithm generating RGB image for AGRI is suggested, based on the character of 0. 82 band, a very beautiful RGB image w hich is good to human beings is generated, that improves the multi band use for AGRI.
keywords:geostationary imager, on-orbit test, modulation transform function, calibration and validation, RGB image
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