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引用本文:陈博洋,吴琼,冯绚,郭强,魏彩英.FY-4A多通道扫描辐射成像仪评价与图像合成[J].Journal of Infrared and Millimeter Waves,2018,37(4):411~415
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CHEN Bo-yang National Satellite Meteorological Center chenby@cma.gov.cn 
WU Qiong National Satellite Meteorological Center  
FENG Xuan National Satellite Meteorological Center  
GUO Qiang National Satellite Meteorological Center  
WEI Cai-Ying National Satellite Meteorological Center 278998861@qq.com 
中文关键词:静止轨道成像仪  在轨评价  调制传递函数  定标与检验  真彩色图像  
On-Orbit Test to FY-4A AGRI and Generating RBG Image
Abstract:FengYun-4(FY-4) geostationary orbit meteorological is the 2nd generation geostationary orbit meteorological satellite of China, which is the same as all the new generation geostationary orbit meteorological satellites of other countries, the satellite uses three-axis stability platform. FY-4A was launched successfully on Nov. 11 in 2016, on which there are three optical apparatus, including Advanced Geostationary Radiation Imager(AGRI), Geostationary Interferometric Infrared Sounder(GIIRS) and Lightning Mapping Imager(LMI), the AGRI is used to replace the Visible and Infrared Spin Scan Radiometer(VISSR) on FengYun-2, VISSR works in 5 bands, AGRI works in 14 bands, and the capability of AGRI improves greatly comparing to VISSR. After launch, the on-orbit test to the satellite is done in about 7 months, the MTF of the solar reflectance bands is better than 0.14, 0.17 and 0.22, that is better than the designed capability. The noise test is based on the black-body on the apparatus, the noise for all the infrared bands is less than 0.2K@300K, the noise of the best band is about 0.06K@300K. The calibration precession of infrared band is validated by the GSICS algorithm, the bias of all the infrared bands are less than 1K comparing to IASI, the bias of the best band is about 0.3K@290K. The RGB image carries more information than the gray image, although the AGRI has 6 solar reflectance bands, there are no real red, green and blue bands of human beings, a new algorithm generating RGB image for AGRI is suggested, based on the character of 0.82 band, a very beautiful RGB image which is good to human beings is generated, that improves the multi band use for AGRI.
keywords:geostationary imager  on-orbit test  modulation transform function  calibration and validation  RGB image  
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