Thermal erosion effect to CZT substrate surface during LPE growth of HgCdTe process
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SONG Lin-Wei Kunming Institute of Physics 
WU Jun Kunming Institute of Physics  
KONG Jin-Cheng Kunming Institute of Physics 
LI Dong-Sheng Kunming Institute of Physics  
ZHANG Yang Kunming Institute of Physics  
LI Pei Kunming Institute of Physics  
YANG Xiang Kunming Institute of Physics  
WANG Zhi-Yuan Kunming Institute of Physics  
HUANG Yuan-Jin Kunming Institute of Physics  
MU Sheng Kunming Institute of Physics  
Abstract:Influence of Hg vapor to CZT substrate during LPE growth of HgCdTe process were studied, CZT substrates were characterized by combining with Microscope, White-light Interferometer (WLI) and Energy Dispersive Spectrometer (EDS) . Results show that the CZT substrates mainly suffered the Hg vapor during LPE process,Hg vapor has no effect on the precipitations in CZT substrates surface. Two kinds of typical Hg erosion defects are found on CZT substrates after Hg vapor treatment process. One is a kind of large defect that had size of 25 μm and distributed uniformly, while the other is smaller size of 7 μm presented nonuniform distribution. Furthermore, fish scale like surface morphology on CZT substrate is found after Hg vapor treatment process during LPE growth of HgCdTe, surface roughness increase more than 50%.
keywords:liquid phase epitaxy  CdZnTe substrate  mercury erosion  surface roughness
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