Operating wavelength selection for spaceborne differential absorption lidar measuring surface pressure
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HONG Guang-Lie Key Laboratory of Active Opto-Electronic Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences glhong@mail.sitp.ac.cn 
WANG Xin   
KONG Wei   
WANG Jian-Yu   
Abstract:We report the selection of the lidar instrument operating wavelengths, the Monte Carlo simulation was made, knowledge that imprecise temperature affect on the systemic bias and random errors of surface pressure measurement was developed. When 764.765 nm and 765.094 nm were selected as detection wavelengths, then 764.948 nm between both online was selected as reference wavelengths, the emulation research show that measurement error is least. Excellent detection wavelength was neither in absorption peak value wavelength, nor was in trough between two absorption line, that were on wing of p13 and p14 absorption line of A band. This result has directive function to build up an IPDA for measurement of surface pressure.
keywords:atmosphere optics, integrated path differential absorption lidar, surface pressure, detection wavelength, reference wavelength
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