fT为350 GHz的InAlN/GaN HFET高频器件研究
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FU Xing-Chang Southeast University pasf365@163.com 
LYU Yuan-Jie National Key Laboratory of Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) yuanjielv@163.com 
ZHANG Li-Jiang Hebei Semiconductor Research Institute  
ZHANG Tong Southeast University tzhang@seu.edu.cn 
LI Xian-Jie Hebei Semiconductor Research Institute  
SONG Xu-Bo Hebei Semiconductor Research Institute  
ZHANG Zhi-Rong Hebei Semiconductor Research Institute  
FANG Yu-Long National Key Laboratory of Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC)  
FENG Zhi-Hong National Key Laboratory of Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC)  
中文摘要:采用再生长n+ GaN非合金欧姆接触工艺研制了具有高电流增益截止频率(fT)的InAlN/GaN异质结场效应晶体管 (HFETs),器件尺寸得到有效缩小,源漏间距减小至600 nm.通过优化干法刻蚀和n+ GaN外延工艺,欧姆接触总电阻值达到0.16 Ω·mm,该值为目前金属有机化学气相沉积(MOCVD)方法制备的最低值.采用自对准电子束曝光工艺实现34 nm直栅.器件尺寸的缩小以及欧姆接触的改善,器件电学特性,尤其是射频特性得到大幅提升.器件的开态电阻(Ron)仅为0.41 Ω·mm,栅压1 V下,漏源饱和电流达到2.14 A/mm.此外,器件的电流增益截止频率(fT)达到350 GHz,该值为目前GaN基HFET器件国内报道最高值.
中文关键词:InAlN/GaN  异质结场效应晶体管  电流增益截止频率  非合金欧姆接触工艺  纳米栅
High-frequency InAlN/GaN HFET with an fT of 350 GHz
Abstract:Scaled InAlN/GaN heterostructure field-effect transistors (HFETs) with high unity current gain cut-off frequency (fT) were realized by employing nonalloyed regrown n+-GaN Ohmic contacts, in which the source-to-drain distance (Lsd) was scaled to 600 nm. By processing optimization of dry etching and n+-GaN regrowth, a low total Ohmic resistance of 0.16 Ω·mm is obtained, which is a recorded value regrown by metal organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD). A 34 nm rectangular gate was fabricated by self-aligned-gate technology. The electrical characteristics of the devices, especially for the RF characteristics, were improved greatly after the reduction of ohmic resistance and gate length. The fabricated InAlN/GaN HFETs show a low on resistance (Ron) of 041 Ω·mm and a high drain saturation current density of 2.14 A/mm at Vgs=1 V. Most of all, the device shows a high fT of 350 GHz, which is a recorded result reported for GaN-based HFETs in domestic.
keywords:InAlN/GaN  HFET  current gain cut-off frequency  nonalloyedOhmic contacts  Nano-gate
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