Preparation and infrared stealth properties of three-dimensional ordered photonic crystals
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ZHANG Rui-Rong CNGC Institute 53 
QIU Gui-Hua CNGC Institute 53 
HAN Jian-Long CNGC Institute 53  
WANG Yi-Ke CNGC Institute 53  
PAN Shi-Bing CNGC Institute 53  
ZHANG Yuan-Kun CNGC Institute 53  
YU Ming-Xun CNGC Institute 53  
Abstract:The ordered three-dimensional photonic crystals with infrared photonic band gap was prepared from 3.87 μm polystyrene (PS) microspheres by vertical substrate self-assembly method. It is found that the microspheres exhibit the highest order and least defect when the ratio of ethanol to water in the suspension is 2:8 (V%). With increasing the concentration of microspheres in the suspension, the number of stacking layers and the thickness of the photonic crystals were improved. Then the reflection and radiation properties of the photonic crystals with different ordering degree in the infrared band were characterized. The results reveal that higher ordering degree and larger ordered area of the microspheres lead to higher reflectivity and lower emissivity of the photonic crystals, thereby effectively inhibiting the infrared radiation of the aim surface.
keywords:photonic crystal, opal structure, self-assembly, ordered, infrared stealth
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