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引用本文:田莉,金伟其,蔡毅,王霞.THz主动焦平面成像系统的MRC匹配滤波器模型[J].Journal of Infrared and Millimeter Waves,2017,36(6):680~687
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TIAN Li MoE Key Laboratory of Photoelectronic Imaging Technology and SystemSchool of OptoelectronicsBeijing Institute of Technology 
JIN Wei- Qi Beijing Institute of Technology 
CAI Yi Beijing Institute of Technology  
WANG Xia Beijing Institute of Technology  
中文关键词:THz  主动成像  最小可分辨对比度  匹配滤波器
The MRC matched filter model of terahertz active focal plane imaging system
Abstract:Terahertz focal plane imaging technology has many advantages such as high image resolution, short time period, simple system and small size, and it has wide application prospect in security and industrial inspection. Because the sensitivity of the terahertz focal plane detectors is still low, most of them can only adopt the active imaging mode, and there is no more acceptable testable performance evaluation parameter and model for THz active imaging system, it is difficult to provide the theoretical basis and method for its system design guide. Based on the characteristics of terahertz source and focal plane detector, the minimum resolvable contrast matched filter model of terahertz active imaging system is established by considering the influence of target - background characteristic, atmospheric attenuation and device attenuation. The MRC model is validated by combining the literature examples and the experimental results of the actual terahertz focal plane active imaging system. The results show that the measured value and the calculated value are basically the same, and the error is within the reasonable range, which shows the validity of the model.
keywords:THz, active imaging, MRC, matched filter
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