A 220-GHz high integration and high resolution detector
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CUI Da-Sheng Beijing Key Laboratory of Millimeter Wave and Terahertz TechnologySchool of Information and Electrics, Beijing Institute of Technology dscui@bit.edu.cn 
DING Zheng-Zhi Beijing Institute of Technology  
HAO Hai-Dong   
LV Xin   
Abstract:A high-integration detector which consists of a patch antenna, a matching circuit, schottky diodes (SBD) and lenses has been developed. The integration of detectors is increased obviously comparing with that of separated detectors by integrating antennas, matching circuits and SBD on a chip in SMIC 130 mm. To improve the directivity of the antenna on chip, the nylon lens with air cave was designed and optimized. The air cave in lens not only provides space for assembling but also reduces the size of lens. It was calculated through testing that the antenna gain at 220 GHz is 22 dB, in which the contribution of lens is about 20 dB. The tested responsivity of the detector can achieve 130-150 V/W and the noise equivalent power (NEP) is estimated to be 400~460 pW/Hz.
keywords:terahertz detector, CMOS, Schottky diode, lens antenna
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