Metal ridge-triangular semiconductor of mixed surface plasma waveguide
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LI Zhi-Quan Institute of EngineeringYanshan University 
YUE Zhong Yanshan University 
BAI Lan-Di Yanshan University  
LIU Tong-Lei Yanshan University  
FENG Dan-Dan Yanshan University  
GU Er-Dan Yanshan University  
LI Wen-Chao Northeastern University at Qinhuangdao  
Abstract:A novel hybrid surface plasmon waveguide structure is proposed, It is based on metal ridge-triangular semiconductors, the numerical simulation and analysis of the waveguide structure are carried out based on the finite element method.Also, the electric field distribution, transmission length, normalized mode field area as well as quality factor of the structure are considered here. Finally, the results show that: at the operating wavelength of 1550 nm, by optimizing the parameters, its effective mode field area is up to 0.00193, the transmission length is 37.7um, and the quality factor is 4853, besides,the structure has lower loss.Compared with the metal plate hybrid waveguide structure, in this paper, the design of the structure has a greater quality factor and stronger light field limiting ability, what's more, the waveguide comprehensive performed better. This kind of waveguide structure has a wide application prospect in the fields of micro-nano photonics, optoelectronic communication and optical information storage.
keywords:hybrid plasmonic waveguide  transmission characteristics  finite-element method  surface plasmon
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