Optically controlled orientation of lithium niobate micro crystal particle
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SHI Fan Tianjin University of Technology shifan_chinese@sina.com 
Jia Chen   
ZHAO Yu-Feng   
XIN Fei-Fei   
CHEN Sheng-Yong   
Abstract:In this work, the experimental system for optically controlled capturing and orientating is designed. Using the system, we demonstrate optically capturing of lithium niobate micro crystal particle. Moreover, the captured particle becomes aligned with the direction of linear polarization. Finally, we present optically controlled orientation theory of lithium niobate crystal particle. The work illustrates that the alignment of lithium niobate micro crystal particles can be optically orientation by the linear polarization’s direction of laser light. These results can be further used in micro sensors, photonics, MEMS, light-induced micro motor, and micro manipulation fields.
keywords:lithium niobate  crystal particle  optically controlled orientation  
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