Multi- frame image coded aperture snapshot spectral image technology
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LIU Shi-Jie Key Laboratory of Space Active Opto-Electronics TechnologyShanghai Institute of Technical PhysicsChinese Academy of Sciences 
ZHANG Xu-Dong   
LI Chun-Lai   
WANG Jian-Yu Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences 
Abstract:Based on dual-disperser coded aperture snapshot spectralimaging(DD-CASSI)system, method using multiple sample image (MultiFrame-DD-CASSI ) was put forward, so that sampling rate was increased,and a new math model was put forward, realized spectral compression in3-D data cube. The system makes full use of spectra’s coherence, and0.99 spectral correlation fitting and 40db image peak signal noise were achieved with 32 frames sample image.
keywords:spectral image  compressed sensing  CASSI  Reconstruct Algorithm
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