LiDAR multichannel spectral abnormal image recognition technology for transmission lines
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REN Tian-Yu Changchun University of Science and Technolog 
DUANMU Qing-Duo Changchun University of Science and Technolog 
WU Bo-Qi Changchun University of Science and Technology  
JIANG Hui-Lin Changchun University of Science and Technology  
XU Jin-Kai Changchun University of Science and Technology  
QIU Jin-Cai   
Abstract:The position and orientation system (POS) information of a target can be obtained through airborne laser radar (LiDAR) technology combined with the Global Positioning System, an inertial navigation system, and a laser range finder. The camera is chosen by calculating the minimum field of view resolution, pixel number, focal length, and other parameters. The LiDAR multichannel spectrum image recognition system is composed of the POS information acquisition system and the multispectral camera. The multichannel matching fusion method can produce ultraviolet, infrared, and color pictures. The elliptical shape can be fitted and parsed using the Hough transform method, the immune genetic snake model algorithm, and the least squares method, which can solve anomaly recognition problem in the insulator. The average failure detection resolution of LiDAR multi-channel spectral image anomaly recognition system is 82.4%, and it is higher than the average for copter and manual detection of 2405%. The proposed system is a highly efficient smart grid patrol screening method.
keywords:High-voltage line inspection, LiDAR  Multispectral image anomaly recognition, Super POS information
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