Broadband tunable mid-infrared soliton generation in a highly nonlinear silica based photonic crystal fiber
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YANG Jian-Ju School of Information Science and EngineeringYanshan University 
HAN Yin   
QU Yu-Wei   
NIU Jing-Xia   
ZUO Yu-Ting   
WANG Wei   
ZHOU Gui-Yao   
ZHAO Xin-Tao   
HOU Lan-Tian   
Abstract:The double cladding structure can reduce the loss of photonic crystal fiber. A highly nonlinear silica based photonic crystal fiber with double cladding was prepared. Silica based photonic crystal fiber made in our lab was pumped by the femtosecond Ti: sapphire laser in the abnormal region. The effects of the different pump powers and pump wavelengths on mid-infrared ultra short pulse soliton were investigated. Physical mechanisms of the generation of ultra short infrared ultrashort pulses solitons in highly nonlinear silica based photonic crystal fibers were also analysed. In this paper, the first mid-infrared soliton moves from 1933 nm to 2403 nm and the adjustable range lasts for up to 470 nm when the pump wavelength works at 827 nm with the pump power increasing from 0.1 W to 0.42 W. This provides a good condition for the broadband tunable ultrashort pulse source in the silica based photonic crystal fiber.
keywords:Mid-infrared  Silica based photonic crystal fiber  Anomalous dispersion region  Soliton
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