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引用本文:程航,郑海涛,敬汉丹,李世勇,孙厚军.W波段三维近场安检成像系统[J].Journal of Infrared and Millimeter Waves,2017,36(4):408~414
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CHENG Hang School of Information and ElectronicsBeijing Institute of Technology chenghang1031@126.com 
ZHENG Hai-Tao Beijing Institute of Technology  
JING Han-Dan Beijing Institute of Technology  
LI Shi-Yong Beijing Institute of Technology  
SUN Hou-Jun Beijing Institute of Technology chenghang1031@126.com 
中文关键词:毫米波成像  近场成像  人体安检  三维成像  W波段系统
Three-dimensional near-field surveillance imaging using W-band system
Abstract:—This paper presents a W-band stepped-frequency three-dimensional near-field surveillance imaging system together with an effective radar imaging algorithm. W-band signal is able to penetrate common clothing barriers to form an image of a person as well as any concealed items. Performing the image reconstruction procedure in the frequency–wavenumber domain, the algorithm is able to completely compensate the wavefront curvature in the near field through interpolation process. The interpolation relationship in frequency–wavenumber domain between sampled data and desired data is demonstrated. Moreover, the difference between algorithm model and experimental data are revealed. High range resolution and lateral resolution are obtained by emitting wideband stepped frequency signal and adopting high operating frequency. The cross-range resolution of the imaging result is better than 5mm. The scheme of imaging system is described in detail along with a set of imaging results to show its superior imaging precision and sensitivity compared with existing Ka-band equipment.
keywords:millimeter-wave (MMW) imaging  near-field imaging  personnel surveillance  three-dimensional imaging  W-band system  
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