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引用本文:郝瑞亭,任洋,刘思佳,郭杰,王国伟,徐应强,牛智川.GaSb衬底上分子束外延生长的低温GaSb薄膜的低缺陷表面[J].Journal of Infrared and Millimeter Waves,2017,36(2):135~138
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HAO Rui-Ting Institute of Solar EnergyYunnan Normal University 
REN Yang Yunnan Normal University 
LIU Si-Jia Yunnan Normal University  
GUO Jie Yunnan Normal University  
WANG Guo-Wei Institute of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Sciences  
XU Ying-Qiang Institute of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Sciences  
NIU Zhi-Chuan Institute of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Sciences  
中文关键词:低缺陷  锑化镓  原子力显微镜  V/III比
Low-defect surfaces of low-temperature GaSb thin films on GaSb substrates
Abstract:The influence on the Low-defect surface of GaSb thin-film material by the ratio of Sb to Ga (V/III) along with the reducing of the growth temperature is investigated systematically. In order to obtain a good surface morphology of the GaSb epitaxial layer with low defect, both of the growth temperature and the V/III ratio should be reduced at the same time. The optimal growth conditions of Low-temperature GaSb thin films are that the growth temperature is Tc + 60°C and the V/III ratio is about 7.1, when the Sb cracker temperature is 900°C.
keywords:Low-defect  GaSb  AFM  V/III
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