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引用本文:郑佳锋,刘黎平,曾正茂,谢晓林,武静雅,冯凯.Ka波段毫米波云雷达数据质量控制方法[J].Journal of Infrared and Millimeter Waves,2016,35(6):748~757
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ZHENG Jia-Feng State Key Laboratory of Severe Weather, Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences jiafeng_zheng@163.com 
LIU Li-Ping Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences  
ZENG Zheng-Mao Chengdu University of Information Technology  
XIE Xiao-Lin Meteorological Observation Data Center of Sichuan Province  
WU Jing-Ya Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences  
FENG Kai The 23th Institude of Second Department of China Aerospace Science and Industry Group  
中文摘要:针对国内首部固态、多观测模式体制的Ka波段毫米波云雷达观测资料, 提出速度模糊、噪点-径向干扰杂波和悬浮物杂波的质量控制方法, 并对方法效果进行了检验和分析.结果表明, 该方法具有很好的成功率和稳定性, 15个云过程检验的退模糊成功率都达到100%; 能准确判断出速度模糊和类型并纠正平均多普勒速度和谱宽; 能较好地滤除噪点和径向干扰杂波, 并对缺测进行补值; 能较好去除低空悬浮物杂波, 同时保留小尺度的云.
中文关键词:Ka波段毫米波云雷达  数据质量控制  速度退模糊
Ka-band millimeter wave cloud radar data quality control
Abstract:To improve the data quality of Ka band millimeter wave cloud radar, a quality control method for solving problems related to velocity aliasing, noisy echo, data missing and plankton contamination is presented. The effectiveness of the method was verified by several cases. The results show that the velocity dealiasing algorithm based on radar Doppler spectra processing is effective with high success rate and stability. Success rates of 15 cases reach 100%. It can also find out the fuzzy type and correct radial velocity and spectrum width. With this method, noisy clutter are filtered validly and missing data can be filling well. The plankton echoes can almost be removed clearly while the small scale cloud can be remained.
keywords:Ka-band millimeter wave cloud radar, data quality control, velocity dealiasing
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