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    •  Authorities: Chinese Academy of Sciences
    •  Organizer: Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, Chinese Optical  Society
    •  Editor-in-chief: Chu Jun-Hao
    •  Address: 500, Yutian Road, Shanghai, China
    •  Postal Code: 200083
    •  Tel : 86-021 -25,051,553
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    •  ISSN: 1001-9014
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About Journal
  • The Journal of Infrared and Millimeter Waves (JIRMW) is a peer-reviewed resource for original work in IRMMW theory, technique, devices, systems and more. The journal is fully funded and published by the Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics (CAS), the Chinese Optical Society and Science Press, Beijing, China.

Issue 4, 2017 Table of Contents
Materials and Devices
Analysis of ultraviolet and infrared dual-color focal-plane arrays detector based on Pt/CdS and InSb junctions [Abstract] [PDF]
Enhanced Infrared Absorption Characteristics of NiCr Film Fabricated on LiTaO3 Crystal Material for 14~16um Application [Abstract] [PDF]
Effect of optical basicity and energy transfer on near-infrared luminescence in Bi/Yb3 co-doped germanate glasses [Abstract] [PDF]
Study on the structural and electrical properties of MgxNi1-xMn2O4 thin films [Abstract] [PDF]
Study of InP cap layer doping density in InGaAs/InP Single-photon Avalanche Diode [Abstract] [PDF]
The optical properties of the spinel LiTi2O4 thin film [Abstract] [PDF]
Infrared Spectroscopy and Spectral Analysis
Volatilization characteristics analysis of ammonia from soil by straw returning to the field based on the infrared spectroscopy technology [Abstract] [PDF]
Millimeter Wave and Terahertz Technology
Three-Dimensional Near-Field Surveillance Imaging Using W-band System [Abstract] [PDF]
Development of 330GHz Receiver Front-end with GaAs Schottky Diodes [Abstract] [PDF]
Research on data simulations and surface clutter suppression methods for the Geostationary millimeter wave weather radar [Abstract] [PDF]
Omega-k algorithm based on MLBF for millimeter wave bistatic forward-looking SAR imaging [Abstract] [PDF]
A privacy protection algorithm for active millimeter-wave imaging [Abstract] [PDF]
Design of flip-chip structure effects THz log periodic antenna performance [Abstract] [PDF]
Remote Sensing Technology and Application
Application of Matching between Two Kinds of Non-coaxial Remote Sensing Equipment Based on Coastline Area [Abstract] [PDF]
Photoelectric Technology and Application
Polarization control and polarization measurement technology using a biplate [Abstract] [PDF]
Image Processing and Software Simulation
A Novel Target Spectrum Learning Algorithm for Small Target Detection in Hyperspectral Imagery [Abstract] [PDF]
Other Applications
3-D reconstruction of textureless and high-reflective target by polarization and binocular stereo vision [Abstract] [PDF]
A skylight polarization model of various weather conditions [Abstract] [PDF]
An infrared image projector covering 8-12μm radiation range [Abstract] [PDF]
Experimental Study for Computational Imaging Technology and Quality Evaluation of Reconstructed Image [Abstract] [PDF]
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