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    •  Authorities: Chinese Academy of Sciences
    •  Organizer: Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, Chinese Optical  Society
    •  Editor-in-chief: Chu Jun-Hao
    •  Address: 500, Yutian Road, Shanghai, China
    •  Postal Code: 200083
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    •  ISSN: 1001-9014
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About Journal
  • The Journal of Infrared and Millimeter Waves (JIRMW) is a peer-reviewed resource for original work in IRMMW theory, technique, devices, systems and more. The journal is fully funded and published by the Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics (CAS), the Chinese Optical Society and Science Press, Beijing, China.

Issue 4, 2020 Table of Contents
Materials and Devices
1550 nm VCSELs for long-reach optical interconnects [Abstract] [PDF]
Regulation of the photoelectric properties of graphene by metal atoms: the first principle calculation [Abstract] [PDF]
Nonlinearity measurements of spectral responsivity of Fourier transform infrared spectrometer measurement system based on flux superposition principle [Abstract] [PDF]
High responsivity Si-based near-infrared photodetector with surface microstructure [Abstract] [PDF]
Millimeter Wave and Terahertz Technology
Investigation of low-voltage broadband overmoded folded rectangular coaxial waveguide TWT at W-band [Abstract] [PDF]
Photo-excited tunable metamaterial and its sensing application [Abstract] [PDF]
Grating-lobes suppression methods based on coherence factor for terahertz sparse array [Abstract] [PDF]
A CMOS millimetre wave down-conversion mixer for 76-81 GHz automotive radars [Abstract] [PDF]
Remote Sensing Technology and Application
Inversion of aerosol optical depth over land from directional polarimetric camera onboard chinese Gaofen-5 satellite [Abstract] [PDF]
Research on airport low-level wind shear identification algorithm based on laser wind radar [Abstract] [PDF]
Semi-supervised semantic segmentation based on Generative Adversarial Networks for remote sensing images [Abstract] [PDF]
Photon-counting lidar simulation method based on three-dimensional sea surface [Abstract] [PDF]
Low-level wind shear observation based on different physical mechanisms by coherent Doppler lidar [Abstract] [PDF]
PolSAR image classification based on object-oriented technology [Abstract] [PDF]
Photoelectric Technology and Application
Design and simulation of a EMI filter for infrared cryocooler driving system [Abstract] [PDF]
Image Processing and Software Simulation
Dim small targets detection based on horizontal-vertical multi-scale grayscale difference weighted bilateral filtering [Abstract] [PDF]
Intelligent fusion method of infrared polarization image based on fireworks algorithm [Abstract] [PDF]
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