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    •  Authorities: Chinese Academy of Sciences
    •  Organizer: Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, Chinese Optical  Society
    •  Editor-in-chief: Chu Jun-Hao
    •  Address: 500, Yutian Road, Shanghai, China
    •  Postal Code: 200083
    •  Tel : 86-021 -25,051,553
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    •  ISSN: 1001-9014
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About Journal
  • The Journal of Infrared and Millimeter Waves (JIRMW) is a peer-reviewed resource for original work in IRMMW theory, technique, devices, systems and more. The journal is fully funded and published by the Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics (CAS), the Chinese Optical Society and Science Press, Beijing, China.

Issue 3, 2020 Table of Contents
Materials and Devices
Compact on-chip structured illumination system based on integrated optics [Abstract] [PDF]
CMOS compatible multichannel mid-infrared photonic crystal sensor [Abstract] [PDF]
Theoretical and experimental study of a 0.85-THz tunable folded waveguide regenerative-feedback vacuum-electronics oscillator [Abstract] [PDF]
Ion-implanted Si:As blocked impurity band detectors for VLWIR detection [Abstract] [PDF]
Millimeter Wave and Terahertz Technology
An improved direct extraction method for InP HBT small-signal model [Abstract] [PDF]
A fast imaging algorithm for sparse array imaging based on PCA and modified SLIM methods [Abstract] [PDF]
A 94GHz CMOS LNA utilizing dual-coupling Gm-boosting technique [Abstract] [PDF]
Infrared Spectroscopy and Spectral Analysis
Inversion of oxygen residual concentration in vials based on near-infrared absorption spectroscopy [Abstract] [PDF]
A near infrared wavelength selection method based on the variable stability and population analysis [Abstract] [PDF]
Photoelectric Technology and Application
A readout structure with double column buses and shared source follower for IRFPAs [Abstract] [PDF]
High precision frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) laser ranging based on gas cells signal splicing [Abstract] [PDF]
Remote Sensing Technology and Application
Angle selection research based on multi-objectives optimized detection of clouds [Abstract] [PDF]
Registration method of dislocation row for the advanced geosynchronous radiation imager [Abstract] [PDF]
Geometric calibration method of plane array camera with 60 degrees two-dimensional pointing mirror [Abstract] [PDF]
An adaptive directional model for estimating vegetation canopy height using space-borne photon counting laser altimetry data [Abstract] [PDF]
Spectral observation and classification of typical tree species leaves based on indoor hyperspectral lidar [Abstract] [PDF]
Image Processing and Software Simulation
Extended Omega-k algorithm for synthetic aperture radar imaging in multi-layer medium [Abstract] [PDF]
Salience region super-resolution reconstruction algorithm for infrared images based on sparse coding [Abstract] [PDF]
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