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    •  Authorities: Chinese Academy of Sciences
    •  Organizer: Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, Chinese Optical  Society
    •  Editor-in-chief: Chu Jun-Hao
    •  Address: 500, Yutian Road, Shanghai, China
    •  Postal Code: 200083
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    •  ISSN: 1001-9014
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About Journal
  • The Journal of Infrared and Millimeter Waves (JIRMW) is a peer-reviewed resource for original work in IRMMW theory, technique, devices, systems and more. The journal is fully funded and published by the Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics (CAS), the Chinese Optical Society and Science Press, Beijing, China.

Issue 2, 2021 Table of Contents
Infrared Materials and Devices
Mechanism analysis of terahertz graphene electro-optic modulator with plasma structure [Abstract] [PDF]
Optimization and preparation of the high-efficiency solar selective absorber based on double W-SiO2 cermet layers [Abstract] [PDF]
Effect of thermal annealing on the interface changes of multi-layer HgCdTe P-on-N materials grown by MBE [Abstract] [PDF]
A convolution approach for the epilayer thickness in liquid phase epitaxial growth [Abstract] [PDF]
The heterostructure NaGdF4:Yb,Er nanorods loaded on metal-organic frameworks for tuning upconversion photoluminescence [Abstract] [PDF]
High gain and low dark current AlInAsSb avalanche photodiodes grown by quaternary digital alloys [Abstract] [PDF]
Infrared Spectroscopy and Spectral Analysis
The infrared spectral emissivity measurement of a graphite material in a high temperature range of 1000~1500℃ using integrated blackbody principle [Abstract] [PDF]
Terahertz and Millimeter Wave Technology
Research on W-band power combining amplifier based on Silicon Micromachined Waveguide [Abstract] [PDF]
Three-dimensional structure analysis of Schottky barrier diode in CMOS technology for terahertz imaging [Abstract] [PDF]
Development and test of 140GHz / 50KW Gyrotron [Abstract] [PDF]
Sample selection based on direct estimation of cell under test clutter characteristics [Abstract] [PDF]
Remote Sensing Technology and Application
High precision on-orbit spectral calibration of atmospheric infrared ultra-spectral sounder [Abstract] [PDF]
Error analysis of estimated canopy height based on photon counting laser altimetry [Abstract] [PDF]
Performance of geostationary orbit millimeter-wave atmospheric soundings based on end to end simulations [Abstract] [PDF]
Infrared Photoelectric Technology and Application
The method of dispersion cancellation based on the forward and reverse tuning of a laser frequency-modulated continuous wave system [Abstract] [PDF]
Research progress on polarization 3D imaging technology [Abstract] [PDF]
Theoretical study on high frequency characteristics of terahertz staggered grating slow-wave structure [Abstract] [PDF]
Image Processing and Software Simulation
The method based on L1 norm optimization model for stripe noise removal of remote sensing image [Abstract] [PDF]
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