A ultralight broadband radar and thermal infrared compatible stealth structure based on metamaterials

1.China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing);2.China Academy of Space Technology;3.Harbin Institute of Technology

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    Stealth technology is an effective path against multi-spectrum detection and attack. A wide band radar/infrared compatible stealth structure based on metamaterial was successfully designed in this paper. The structure consists of an infrared stealth layer, two microwave absorption layers and a microwave reflection layer based on indium tin oxide (ITO) film. The infrared stealth layer is composed of frequency selective surface of ring hollow structure, the microwave absorption layers are composed of square ring structures with different period and square resistance, and the microwave reflection layer is composed of continuous conductive film. Each layer is separated by a polymethacrylimide layer with different thickness. Experimental results show that the structure can achieve more than 90% microwave absorption in the range of 2-18.6GHz, and its infrared emissivity is lower than 0.3.

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