Very long wave HgCdTe infrared focal plane detector

1.Kunming Institute of Physics, Kunming 650223, China;2.63963 Unit of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, Beijing 100072, China

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Supported by Yunnan Science and Technology Talents and Platform Plan Project(202105AD160047)

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    Very long wave 640×512 FPAs with 25 μm pixel pitch and cutoff wavelength of 13.23 μm, 14.79 μm respectively at 77 K were prepared by the arsenic ion implanted p-on-n planar junction technology. The basic performance and dark current of the FPAs are characterized and analyzed. The results show that the quantum efficiency of the VLWIR 640×512 FPAs with λc (77 K) =13.23 μm is 55%, the average NETD is 21.5 mk, with an operability of 99.81%; The quantum efficiency of the VLWIR 640×512 FPAs with λc (77 K) =14.79 μm is 45%, the average NETD is 34.6 mK, with an operability of 99.28%. The R0A figures of merit at liquid nitrogen temperature are 19.8 Ω·cm2 and 1.56 Ω·cm2 respectively, which reaches the predicted value of the "rule07" heuristic law, and the device noise is mainly limited by current shot noise. The results show that the performances of FPAs are at the state of the art.

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LI Xiong-Jun, ZOU Lei, ZHAO Peng, YANG Chao-Wei, XIONG Bo-Jun, WANG Xiang-Qian, ZHANG Ying-Xu, LIU Yan-Zhen, LI Hong-Fu, ZHAO Yu-Song, ZHANG Shao-Yu, LI Li-Hua. Very long wave HgCdTe infrared focal plane detector[J]. Journal of Infrared and Millimeter Waves,2022,41(5):818~824

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