Growth of GaSb on GaAs substrate by Interfacial Misfit arrays

1.Information Technology College,Jilin Agricultural University,Changchun 130118,China;2.Wuzhou University, Guangxi Key Laboratory of machine vision and intelligent control,Wuzhou 543002,China;3.College of Physics and Electronic Engineering,Hainan Normal University,Haikou 571158,China

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Supported by Key R&D Projects of Hainan Province (ZDYF2020020), Project of Talent Introduction by State Bureau of Foreign Experts of Jilin Province (L2020028,L2021008,L2021009,LY202115), National Natural Science Foundation of China (61774025), Science and Technology Development Program of Jilin Province (20190201181JC), and Construction of Guangxi Key Laboratory of Machine Vision And Intelligent Control (Province-City Cooperation) Project (GKAD20297148)

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    The epitaxial growth of GaSb on GaAs substrate was studied by using interface mismatch arrays (IMF). The effects of growth temperature, Sb: Ga effective atomic flux ratio, thickness of AlSb transition layer and GaSb epitaxial layer on the structural quality of the material were studied. High Resolution X-ray Diffraction (HRXRD) study shows that the FWHM of the diffraction peak measured by HRXRD was very sensitive to the changes of above parameters, while the effective atomic flux ratio (EFF) of Sb: Ga was the most important factor. The FWHM value of GaSb diffraction peak changes slightly with the increase of thickness, but the structural quality of GaSb layer improves with the increase of thickness. The results show that the optimum growth temperature of GaSb is 515℃, the optimum thickness of AlSb transition layer is 5 nm. The 10 nm thick GaSb epitaxial layer was prepared and characterized specifically. The results show that the FWHM value of the diffraction peak is only about 15 arcsec, which is equivalent to that of commercial GaSb substrate. The electron mobility of the quantum Hall device is as high as 1.5×105 cm2/Vs at 1.8 K under zero bias, which attains to the level of device performance on GaSb substrate.

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YOU Ming-Hui, ZHU Xuan-Yu, LI Xue, Li Shi-jun, LIU Guo-Jun. Growth of GaSb on GaAs substrate by Interfacial Misfit arrays[J]. Journal of Infrared and Millimeter Waves,2021,40(6):725~731

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