Correlation between Everson etch pits and material defects of (112) B CdZnTe substrates

1.University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100049, China;2.Key Laboratory of Infrared Imaging Materials and Devices, Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai 200083, China

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Supported by the Innovation Program of SITP (CX-299)

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    By studying the relationship between Everson etch pits on CdZnTe (112)B surface and (111)B surface, the correspondence of Everson etch pits on the (112)B surface and the defects in CdZnTe materials were revealed. The results show that the rod-shaped etch pits on the (112)B surface originate from the bulk defects in the material, or develop from the residual pyramidal etch pits after the extending defects terminate. Three kinds of different pyramidal etch pits on the (112)B surface come from the extending defects with the extending directions in <110>, <211> and <123>, respectively. Results also show that the habit etching faces of some pyramidal etch pits on (111)B surface can no longer form pyramidal etch pits on (112) surface. By observing the lateral shift of etch pits during prolonged etching, it was confirmed that Everson etchant could only reveal the extending defects with the crystal orientations situated near the connection line of [011] and [101] on the (112) pole figure. Based on the experimental results, the relationship between etch pit density on CdZnTe (112)B surface and the defect density of CdZnTe materials was discussed. The results will be helpful for HgCdTe molecular beam epitaxy to identify the defects in HgCdTe epilayers originating from CdZnTe substrates and better control the quality of CdZnTe (112)B substrates.

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ZHOU Chang-He, YANG Jian-Rong, ZHOU Mei-Hua, XU Chao. Correlation between Everson etch pits and material defects of (112) B CdZnTe substrates[J]. Journal of Infrared and Millimeter Waves,2021,40(4):432~438

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