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引用本文:陆宏波,李欣益,李戈,张玮,胡淑红,戴宁,杨瑰婷.InGaAsP/InGaAs双结太阳电池的开路电压损耗抑制[J].红外与毫米波学报,2021,40(1):7~12].LU Hong-Bo,LI Xin-Yi,LI Ge,ZHANG Wei,HU Shu-Hong,DAI Ning,YANG Gui-Ting.Reducing Voc loss in InGaAsP/InGaAs dual-junction solar cells[J].J.Infrared Millim.Waves,2021,40(1):7~12.]
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陆宏波 中国科学院上海技术物理研究所红外物理国家重点实验室上海 200083
上海空间电源研究所空间电源技术国家重点实验室上海 200245
中国科学院大学北京 100049 
李欣益 上海空间电源研究所空间电源技术国家重点实验室上海 200245  
李戈 上海空间电源研究所空间电源技术国家重点实验室上海 200245  
张玮 上海空间电源研究所空间电源技术国家重点实验室上海 200245  
胡淑红 中国科学院上海技术物理研究所红外物理国家重点实验室上海 200083  
戴宁 中国科学院上海技术物理研究所红外物理国家重点实验室上海 200083  
杨瑰婷 上海空间电源研究所空间电源技术国家重点实验室上海 200245  
中文摘要:现有1.0eV/0.75 eV InGaAsP/InGaAs双结太阳电池的开路电压小于各子电池的开路电压之和,鲜有研究探索开路电压损耗的来源以及如何抑制。通过研究发现,InGaAs底电池背场/基区界面处的少数载流子输运的主要机制是热离子发射,而不是缺陷诱导复合。SIMS测试表明,采用InP或InAlAs背场均不能有效抑制Zn掺杂剂的扩散。此外,由于生长过程中持续的高温热处理.,III-V族主元素在界面处发生了热扩散。为了抑制上述现象,提出了一种新型InP/InAlAs超晶格背场,并应用到InGaAs底电池中。制备得到的双结太阳电池在维持短路电流密度不变的情况下,开路电压提升到997.5 mV,与传统采用InP背场的双结太阳电池相比,开路电压损耗降低了30 mV。该研究成果对提升四结太阳电池的整体开路电压有重要意义。
中文关键词:背场  InGaAsP/InGaAs双结电池  开路电压  超晶格
Reducing Voc loss in InGaAsP/InGaAs dual-junction solar cells
Abstract:Smaller Voc of 1.0eV/0.75 eV InGaAsP/InGaAs double-junction solar cell(DJSC) than the Voc sum of individual subcells has been observed, and there is little information of the origin of such Voc loss and how to minimize it. In this paper, it is disclosed that the dominant mechanism of minority-carrier transport at back-surface-field(BSF)/base interface of the bottom subcell is thermionic emission, instead of defect-induced recombination, which is in contrast to previous reports. It also shows that both InP and InAlAs cannot prevent the zinc diffusion effectively. In addition, intermixing of major III-V element occurs as a result of increasing thermal treatment. To suppress the above negative effects, an initial novel InP/InAlAs superlattice(SL) BSF layer is then proposed and employed in bottom InGaAs subcell. The Voc of fabricated cells reach 997.5 mV, and a reduction of 30 mV in Voc loss without lost of Jsc, compared with the results of conventional InP BSF configuration, is achieved. It would benefit the overall Voc for further four-junction solar cells.
keywords:Back-surface field  InGaAsP/InGaAs dual-junction  Open-circuit Voltage  Superlattice.
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