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引用本文:郭强,文锐,王新.FY-4A干涉式大气垂直探测仪(GIIRS)资料云检测技术[J].红外与毫米波学报,2020,39(6):760~766].GUO Qiang,WEN Rui,WANG Xin.Cloud detection technique research for Geosynchronous Interferometric Infrared Sounder(GIIRS) on FY-4A platform[J].J.Infrared Millim.Waves,2020,39(6):760~766.]
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郭强 中国气象科学研究院北京 100081
国家卫星气象中心北京 100081 
文锐 中国气象科学研究院北京 100081 wrui96611@126.com 
王新 国家卫星气象中心北京 100081 xinwang@cma.gov.cn 
中文关键词:风云四号卫星  干涉式大气垂直探测仪  云检测  晴空通道
Cloud detection technique research for Geosynchronous Interferometric Infrared Sounder(GIIRS) on FY-4A platform
Abstract:Currently the FY-4A/GIIRS data assimilation directly uses the cloud detection product from Advanced Geostationary Radiometric Imager (AGRI), and the whole channel data should be removed when the corresponding IFOV is contaminated by cloud, leading to the loss of some available channel information. In order to improve the utilization rate of those data, a cloud detection algorithm is set up with GIIRS observation and RTTOV simulation by adopting the method given by McNally, together with radiation characteristics such as GIIRS sensitivity. The results of the proposed method are generally identical to those from the AGRI CLMs, where some minor differences will occur for IFOVs with a certain of broken clouds. Using the derived the heights of cloud top for each IFOV, the clear channels with respect to the cloud IFOVs can be identified with the data utilization increased by around 13.76% in statistics. This proposed cloud detection algorithm can provide an important reference for GIIRS data assimilation.
keywords:FY-4 meteorological satellite  geosynchronous interferometric infrared sounder (GIIRS)  cloud detection  clear channel
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