110 GHz铟磷异质结双极晶体管小信号模型参数提取方法
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引用本文:张傲,张译心,王博冉,高建军.110 GHz铟磷异质结双极晶体管小信号模型参数提取方法[J].红外与毫米波学报,2018,37(6):688~692].ZHANG Ao,ZHANG Yi-Xin,WANG Bo-Ran,GAO Jian-Jun.An approach to determine small-signal model parameters for InP HBT up to 110 GHz[J].J.Infrared Millim.Waves,2018,37(6):688~692.]
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张傲 华东师范大学 信息科学技术学院 aozhang78@sina.com 
张译心 华东师范大学 信息科学技术学院  
王博冉 华东师范大学 信息科学技术学院  
高建军 华东师范大学 信息科学技术学院 jjgao@ee.ecnu.edu.cn 
中文摘要:介绍了一种可以用于频率高达110GHz的InP基HBT小信号模型模型参数提取方法, 并且在所提出的模型中考虑了基极馈线的趋肤效应.该方法将直接提取和优化技术相结合, 将本征参数描述为寄生电阻的系列函数进行后续优化.实验结果表明在2~110GHz频率范围内S参数吻合很好.
中文关键词:等效电路模型  异质结双极晶体管  器件建模
An approach to determine small-signal model parameters for InP HBT up to 110 GHz
Abstract:An approach for determination of small-signal equivalent circuit model elements for InP HBT is presented in this paper.The skin effect of the feedlines is taken into account in the proposed model.This method combines the analytical approach and empirical optimization procedure.The intrinsic elements determined by a conventional analytical parameter transformation technique are described as function of extrinsic resistances.An excellent fit between measured and simulated S-parameters in the frequency range of 2 ~ 110 GHz is obtained for InP HBT.
keywords:Equivalent circuits, HBT device, modeling
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