基于60 nm T型栅fT & fmax为170 & 210 GHz 的InAlN/GaN HFETs 器件
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引用本文:吕元杰,冯志红,张志荣,宋旭波,谭鑫,郭红雨,尹甲运,房玉龙,蔡树军.基于60 nm T型栅fT & fmax为170 & 210 GHz 的InAlN/GaN HFETs 器件[J].红外与毫米波学报,2016,35(6):641~645].LV Yuan-Jie,FENG Zhi-Hong,ZHANG Zhi-Rong,SONG Xu-Bo,TAN Xin,GUO Hong-Yu,YIN Jia-Yun,FANG Yu-Long,CAI Shu-Jun.60 nm T-shaped-gate InAlN/GaN HFETs with fT & fmax of 170 & 210 GHz[J].J.Infrared Millim.Waves,2016,35(6):641~645.]
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中文摘要:基于蓝宝石衬底InAlN/GaN异质结材料研制具有高电流增益截止频率(fT)和最大振荡频率(fmax)的InAlN/GaN异质结场效应晶体管 (HFETs).基于再生长n+ GaN欧姆接触工艺实现了器件尺寸的缩小, 有效源漏间距(Lsd)缩小至600 nm.此外, 采用自对准栅工艺制备60 nm T型栅.由于器件尺寸的缩小, 在Vgs= 1 V时, 器件最大饱和电流(Ids)达到1.89 A/mm, 峰值跨导达到462 mS/mm.根据小信号测试结果, 外推得到器件的fT和fmax分别为170 GHz和210 GHz, 该频率特性为国内InAlN/GaN HFETs器件频率的最高值.
中文关键词:InAlN/GaN  异质结场效应晶体管  电流增益截止频率  最大振荡频率
60 nm T-shaped-gate InAlN/GaN HFETs with fT & fmax of 170 & 210 GHz
Abstract:Scaled InAlN/GaN heterostructure field-effect transistors (HFETs) on sapphire substrate with high unity current gain cut-off frequency (fT) and maximum oscillation frequency (fmax) were fabricated and characterized. In the device, scaled source-to-drain distance (Lsd) of 600 nm was realized by employing nonalloyed regrown n+-GaN Ohmic contacts. Moreover, a 60-nm T-shaped gate was fabricated by self-aligned-gate technology. A high drain saturation current density (Ids) of 1.89 A/mm @ Vgs= 1 V and a peak extrinsic transconductance (gm) of 462 mS/mm were obtained in the scaled InAlN/GaN HFETs. In addition, from the small-signal RF measurements, the values of fT and fmax for the device with 60-nm gate were extrapolated to be 170 GHz and 210 GHz at the same bias. To our knowledge, they are the highest values of fT and fmax for the domestic InAlN/GaN HFETs.
keywords:InAlN/GaN, heterostructure field-effect transistors(HFET), high unity current gain cut-off frequency(fT), maximum oscillation frequency(fmax)
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