Noise model analysis and verification of short wave hyperspectral imaging system based on S-matrix coding
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唐国良 中科院上海技术物理研究所 200080
Abstract:Based on the noise suppression effect of weighing measurement principle, a short-wave infrared spectral imaging method based on S-matrix slit array were proposed. By constructing S-matrix slit array to replace the single slit of spectral imaging system, the aliasing measurement of spatial and spectral information were realized. The detector noise and photon noise of the system were analyzed and the noise suppression effect was calculated. The simulation results show that this method can effectively reduce the noise level and improve the imaging quality under low light conditions. The principle prototype was built for imaging experiment. The imaging target was a homogeneous object. By comparing the imaging data of a single slit, the spectral imaging method of the S-matrix slit array was used to increase the SNR by 9% and 21% respectively under 20% and 10% detector potential well light intensity.
keywords:S-matrix slit array, weak light spectral imaging, computation imaging, noise analysis
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《Journal of Infrared And Millimeter Waves》