Design of millimeter-wave detectors based on zero-bias Schottky diode for direct detection system of CubeSat radiometer
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陈峣 中国科学院国家空间科学中心中国科学院微波遥感技术重点实验室北京 100190
中国科学院大学北京 100049 
张升伟 中国科学院国家空间科学中心中国科学院微波遥感技术重点实验室北京 100190 100190
Abstract:In this paper, two millimeter-wave zero-bias Schottky detectors for the direct detection system of the CubeSat radiometer, with center frequencies of 89 GHz and 150 GHz, respectively, were designed and implemented. These designs were based on zero-bias Schottky diodes of ACST. A radial stub structure was adopted at the DC ground and output port with a tuning line for optimum impedance matching to achieve stable and high performance and broadband characteristics; this structure also makes the circuit easier to integrate with pre-level systems and more suitable for CubeSat radiometer miniaturization. Circuit structure and Schottky diode were analyzed, modeled, and optimized to obtain better performance. The results showed that the W-band detector has a typical sensitivity of about 2500 V/W in the range of 85 GHz to 95 GHz and a linearity of 0.9994 at 89 GHz. Moreover, the D-band detector has a typical sensitivity of about 1600 V/W in the range of 145 GHz to 155 GHz and a linearity of 0.9992 at 150 GHz. These results verified the advantages of the improved circuit structure in the detector and the feasibility of the direct detection system.
keywords:millimeter-wave  detector  zero-bias Schottky diode  impedance matching
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