Theory modification and design of elliptical quasi-optical mode converter for Ka-band quasi-TE01 mode
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周康成 北京真空电子技术研究所 微波电真空器件国家级重点实验室北京 100015 100015
冯进军 北京真空电子技术研究所 微波电真空器件国家级重点实验室北京 100015 
Abstract:Based on TE01 circular electric mode, the elliptical quasi-optical mode converter is studied, and a modified formula for rapidly designing elliptical-structure quasi-optical system is proposed. The quasi-optical system designed by the modified formula is composed of an elliptical Vlasov launcher and a quasi-paraboloidal mirror. The simulation results show that the beam launched by the elliptical system has the characteristics of better launcher directionality and lower side-lobe gain, and its size is smaller than the traditional circular system.
keywords:quasi-optical system  mode converter  TE01 mode  Ka-band
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《Journal of Infrared And Millimeter Waves》